Reading Room



Gender Parity Count Ticks Up Slightly, Suzy Evans, American Theatre, 07/20/15

How This Group of Playwrights is Fighting Sexism on Broadway, Marin Gazzaniga, Fortune, 06/26/2015

7 Steps for Achieving Gender Parity in The Theatre, – Martha Richards, American Theatre, 06/9/2015

The Language of “Gender Parity”: 19 Women Playwrights and Their Voices, Emma Weisberg, HowlRound, 3/15/2015

Sexuality Deferred: American Playwrights Retread the Same Story About Repressed Woman Breaking Free. It’s Time for Another Narrative. – Lily Janiak, SF Weekly, 01/28/2015

The Sexism of the Theater World: Anna Pulley, East Bay Express, 1/7/2015





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