Looking Back: One Year of WWSF


Works by Women San Francisco celebrates our One Year Anniversary today!  Since we began our journey, WWSF has endeavored to shine a spotlight on the fabulous, super-talented women artists who light up the SF/Bay Area theater scene, create a forum for dialogue and community-building,  share local/beyond local news about issues related to gender equity, and offer perspectives from individual women artists about issues they care about.

One of the projects we were most proud to feature this year was the hugely inspiring TACTICS Interview Seriescurated by rockstar feminist artist Amy Clare Tasker (now in London!), which captured the bright ideas of more than 20 prominent local and national theater artists about practical steps the theater field can take to improve gender parity immediately.

The WWSF Meetup group, hosted by Valerie Weak and Christine Young, was pleased to sponsor 13 events this year where groups of women attended shows together and demonstrated our support for our fellow women artists and companies that are making gender parity onstage a priority.  The Meetup events also led to a Facebook page, where our audience keeps growing and the larger community engages in lively discussions and shares valuable insights and news.

We introduced newer topics, like the Weekend Conversation, where we take a look at what’s making the news in the larger realm of feminism and we wrote about ethnic diversity in theater and profiled several artists and festivals in and outside the SF/Bay Area boundaries that are working on this issue. We also brought you soundbytes from all these wonderful women artists week after week through our featured quotes section on the home page.

Over the course of the year, the Reading Room filled up with links to articles, podcasts, and blog posts we’ve gathered from the larger global community about issues related to gender equity in the arts, and our Resources page has continued to grow with information about theater companies, contests, and other resources that promote women’s theatrical work.

We know that people care about the issue of gender equity in theater, because the WWSF  site has now received almost 12,000 hits (averaging 1,000 hits every month!), and new followers join everyday.

We have been proud and excited to celebrate the accomplishments of SF/Bay Area women theater artists for the past year.  Happy birthday to all of us, and may our next year be filled with outrageous creativity, stimulating dialogue, a warm sense of being part of a vibrant community of like-minded people, and lots and lots of awesome paying gigs for every woman theater artist out there!

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