Berkshire Women’s Leadership Summit

Putting Women in Power: A Report from the Berkshire Leadership Summit, written by Lauren Spencer and featured on the Theatre Bay Area blog, chronicles TBA Managing Director and Berkshire Summit Steering Committee Member Rachel Fink’s experience as an artistic leader and her observations about the significance of the Berkshire Leadership Summit.

Conceived of by Kirsten van Ginhoven (Artistic Director of WAM Theatre) in collaboration with Fink, Akiba Abaka, and Shafer Mazow, this event served as a follow-up to the August 2016 convening at American Conservatory Theatre, at which the results of a landmark study on women’s leadership in theatre wer shared with a community of women theatre artists and advocates.  Commissioned by ACT and conducted by the Wellsley Centers for Women, the Women’s Leadership in Resident Theatres study analyzed the numbers of women serving as Artistic Directors, Executive Directors, and Next-in-Line artistic leaders in 74 League of Resident Theatres (LORT) during the 2013-2014 season.  You can see an excellent brief summary of the study results in this HowlRound post or read the full executive summary.




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