TACTICS: interview with Julie Felise Dubiner

I’ve been working in professional theater for over 20 years now – starting in Chicago in storefronts and freelancing with bigger places, then to Philly, Louisville, and now Oregon for institutional positions. Feminism has never been a bad word for me, and fighting for fairness is something I’ve always done. It has come into sharper focus for me in recent years.

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TACTICS: Interview with Gwen Kingston

As a recent graduate of the UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies and a Bay Area artist, I am part of large circle of female theater-makers who are dealing with the gender inequities of the Bay Area theater world. As a playwright and director I am continually astonished at how few women are being given the opportunity to showcase their work at major theater companies.

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TACTICS: Interview with Lauren Bloom

I am a Bay Area native, a union actor and a teaching artist. I became an advocate for gender parity, and specifically for union women actors, after moving back to the Bay Area and being told too many times by producers that I was very talented, but they needed their union contracts for the male roles (the implication being they couldn’t find non-union men who could do the jobs well.)

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