February/March Shows to See!



A White Girl’s Guide to International Terrorism
Written by: Chelsea Marcantel
Directed by: Morgan Green 
Performed by: Arwen Andersen, Isabel Langen, Davied Morales, Neiry Rojo
Blaze is angry, and with good reason. She’s getting kicked out of her mom’s trailer park in the drug addled Gulf Coast of Louisiana, where part time work at the Dairy Freeze is the most she has to look forward to. That is, until her YouTube channel attracts a mysterious commenter whose words point to a brighter alternative, one that is a dangerous Google search away from unfathomable consequences. A White Girl’s Guide to International Terrorism is the fictionalized epic of a hidden reality in post 9/11 America, where poverty is the battle and misinformation is the weapon.
Runs from February 21st through March 2nd, Creativity Museum Theater (San Francisco)

Every Day Alice
Written by: Anne Yumi Kobori
Directed by: Maryssa Wanlass
Performed by: Anne Kobori, Joshua Marx, Norman Gee, Katie Rubin, Jessica Uher, Ben Euphrat
Alice, a brilliant young writer, has been placed in a mental hospital due to nervous breakdowns from her overactive imagination. Her architect boyfriend, Peter, longs for adventure and a release from the responsibilities of adulthood. Their publisher/pianist friend, James, struggles to connect with his wife, Isabel, a mute professional dancer. Joining this foursome are Avshalom (a Freudian doctor), Hattie (a mad retired actress), Smythe (a drunk window-cleaner), and Queenie (a card sharp judge). Together, they navigate the blurred lines between mental health and artistic expression, as they discover what it truly means to grow up.
Runs from February 21 through March 9th, PianoFight (San Francisco)

Humble Boy
Written by: Charlotte Jones
Directed by: Ken Sonkin
Performed by: Scarlett Hepworth, Steve Rhyne, Li-Leng Au, Caroline Schneider, Ron Talbot, Russ Whismore
Thirty-five-year-old Felix Humble is a Cambridge astrophysicist in search of a unified field theory, but after the sudden death of his father, James, a teacher and amateur beekeeper, he is forced to return to the family home in the English countryside. A play concerned with beekeeping and astrophysics, imbued with heartbreak and wit, larger questions of the universe and smaller questions of family dynamics, Humble Boy has been called “a feast: a serious, moving, cerebral feast” (The Sunday Times).
Runs from February 22 through March 10, Contra Costa Civic Theatre (El Cerrito)

She Persisted, the Musical 
Written by: Adam Tobin
Directed by: Khalia Davis
Performed by: Loreigna Sinclair, Angel Adedokun, Leigh Ann Cannon, Cassie Grilley, Gabriella Momah, Carolina Morones
This new musical, inspired by Chelsea Clinton’s best-selling book, She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World, tells the story of a third-grade girl whose trip with her class to the museum turns into an adventure in time travel during which she meets inspirational women who are overcoming barriers and making history.
Runs from February 23 through April 14, BACT: Osher Studio (Berkeley)


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