Every Day Alice by Utopia Theater Project


“Every Day Alice”, written by Utopia Theatre Project’s founder Anne Yumi Kobori. In this story, Kobori places characters from Alice in Wonderland in a present-day setting, which includes young writer Alice in a mental hospital, and Peter her architect boyfriend who wishes to let go of the stresses of adulthood. Read an interview with the playwright here.

Utopia Theatre Project, founded in 2014 by Bay Area actor Anne Yumi Kobori, uses new works and re-imagined classics to create experiential theater which inspires social change, human creativity, and actor-audience connection. Utopia supports emerging playwrights and directors in the development of new plays through staged readings, talk backs, and fully staged productions. The company incorporates dance, music, and visual media into its productions and encourages the expansion and diversification of theater audiences. A core value of Utopia is representation for minority voices. Kobori says, “I would especially like to create an opportunity for women and artists of color to have a voice and to have a platform to say what needs to be said.”

Utopia’s first season began with Chekhov’s The Seagull; Kobori’s new adaptation was a gender-neutral examination of Chekhov’s classic characters. Following that, Stories from Silence: An American Dream Play, an evening of short plays focused on the #MeToo movement. Utopia wrapped up its first season with the world premiere of Seeds, a new play, written and directed by Kobori. Set in World War II, Seeds wove together the stories of women and men reckoning with wartime secrets. Utopia’s second season began with a staged reading of the one-woman show,Natural Shocks, by America’s most produced playwright, Lauren Gunderson. Next, Demos Kratos Theatro: Plays by and for the People was an evening of short plays investigating democratic engagement in a Saturday Night Live style review.

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