October Shows to See

Photo by John Orvis

Erin-Kate Whitcomb as Lady Montague and Cathleen Riddley as Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet playing at the Brooklyn Preserve. Photo by John Orvis.

Composed by: Jay Kuo
Directed by: Lily Crystal
Performed by: Lindsay Hirata, Vinh Nguyen, Emma Onasch, Nick Rodrigues, Bryan Pangilinan, Dennis Yen
Produced by: Contra Costa Civic Theatre
A new musical inspired by a true story, Allegiance follows the Kimura family, whose lives are upended after Pearl Harbor when they and 120,000 other Japanese-Americans are forced to abandon their homes and settle in war relocation camps. An uplifting testament to the power of the human spirit, the Kimuras fight between duty and defiance, and as long-lost memories are unlocked, they find it is never too late to recognize the redemptive power of love.
Runs from September 21st through October 21st, Contra Costa Civic Theatre, (El Cerrito)

Dirty Butterfly
Written by: Debbie Tucker Green
Directed by: Robert Estes
Performed by: Kim Donovan, Mikah Kavita, Jesse Vaughn
Produced by: Anton’s Well Theater Company
Jo is being abused by her husband. Amelia and Jason live too close to her not to know. Dirty Butterfly poetically and unflinchingly explores the human experience of suffering and the human experience of responding to another’s suffering.
Runs from September 21st through October 7th, Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory, (Berkeley)

Romeo & Juliet
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Rebecca Frank
Performed by: Mairin Lee, Aejay Mitchell, David Moore, Cathleen Riddley, Drew Watkins, Erin-Kate Whitcomb
Produced by: Mairin Leen and Rachel Jorgensen
We believe that Shakespeare belongs to everyone. And we believe that good theater has the power to move, teach, and inspire whole communities. By offering affordable ticket prices, youth discounts, and free shows for schools, our goal is to create a beautiful, accessible production for everyone. Led by director Rebecca S’manga Frank, our show features the work of an all-female creative team. Men are still hired more than women in many creative positions, and we’re dedicated to helping change that. We’re proud to support the work of female artists in our production.
Runs from September 21st through October 7th, Brooklyn Preserve, (Oakland)

Twelfth Night
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Jennifer Le Blanc
Performed by: Melanie Bandera-Hess, Michel Benton-Harris, Jackson Currier, Sarah McKereghan, Steve Price, Malcom Rodgers, Mary Ann Rodgers, Ian Wilcox, Ron Dritz, Sonia Gambihr, Robyn Grahn, Isabelle Grimm, Anna Joham
Producer: Maureen O’Donoghue
Produced by: Ross Valley Players
Twelfth Night takes place on the mythical, magical island of Illyria, where almost anything can happen in Director Jennifer LeBlanc’s fresh and comedic version of this classic.  A shipwreck has stranded two survivors here, Sebastian and Viola, brother and sister, although each is unaware of the survival of the other. The sister, Viola, dresses as a man to protect herself in this strange environment, frustrating Duke Orsino who finds himself falling in love.  Great comic confusion ensues involving some of Shakespeare’s greatest comic characters, including Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby Belch, jester-like Feste and the imposing Malvolio. Will true love win out? Will siblings be reunited? Not easily. And therein lies our tale.
Runs from September 28th through October 21st, The Barn Theater at Marin Art & Garden Center, (Ross)

A Good Neighbor
Written by: Kate E. Ryan
Directed by: Morgan Green
Performed by: Nicole Apostol Bruno, Fontana Butterfield, Meredith Terry, Michelle Talgarow, Neiry Rojo, Patricia Silver
Producer: Rose Oser
Produced by: Z Space
Dani’s daughter really wants to take piano lessons. Heidi is new in town and happens to teach piano. Dani is thrilled to have found a teacher, until she learns more about Heidi’s…politics. A Good Neighbor is a startling new play that confronts deeply conflicting ideologies in a distinctly apolitical space: the home. Amidst music lessons, potlucks, and a gossiping Greek chorus, the entire neighborhood must re-examine how kindness can exist inside of fear.
There is a promo code available! Enter ‘GoodNeighbor‘ when checking out for a $15 ticket. (Regularly $20)
Runs from September 26th to October 6th, Z Below, (San Francisco)

Ordinary Day
Written by: Lorraine Midanik
Produced by: Napa Valley Players
Maggie and Henry’s long-term marriage struggles because of the challenges of Henry’s Alzheimer’s disease. From his continuous middle-of-the-night calls to plumbers because the “toilet is talking” to Henry’s inability to be left alone, Maggie continues to be a supportive partner despite its impact on her physical and emotional health. Frustrated that the recently passed physician-assisted suicide laws do not apply to Henry, Maggie and Henry have made a pact to allow him to die on his own terms when Henry can no longer remember Maggie’s name. When that time arrives, on an ordinary day when Henry feels strong enough to go through with his plans, Maggie cannot accept their agreement.
Runs from October 5th through October 13th, Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater, (Yountville)

Refugee Voices and Euripides’ The Trojan Women
Written by: Euripides
Produced by: Theater Residencies, Incorporated
Performed by: Marjorie Crump-Shears, Lily Tun Crystal, Esperanza Catubig, Joanna Mahaffy, Michael Mallory, Federico Edwards, Saskia Baur, Marsha Van Broek, Vernon Medearis, Cole Crystal, Lauren Jiang, Marjan Safa, Heather Lukens}
Euripides wrote The Trojan Women two and a half thousand years ago.  It’s about captive women in the aftermath of war. This modern dress version begins with a prelude presenting refugee voices from modern conflicts, as far back as World War II, as recent as today’s Middle East. Refugee Voices and Euripides’ The Trojan Women is as relevant today as the story Euripides told. Today, there are over 65 million persons displaced by conflicts around the world.  Euripides understood their plight. MET’s production relates that plight to today’s circumstances. Equity actors in the cast are Marjorie Crump-Shears as Hecuba, Lily Tung Crystal as Cassandra and Esperanza Catubig as a forlorn young wife.
Runs from September 27th through October 21st, Royce Gallery Playhouse, (San Francisco)

Women Lauging Alone With Salad
Written by: Sheila Callaghan
Directed by: Sushanna Martin
Produced by: The Shotgun Players
Performed by: Caleb Cabrera, Melanie DuPuy, Regina Morones, Sango Tajima
Inspired by the internet meme of “Women Laughing Alone With Salad,” Sheila Callaghan explores gender stereotypes, relationships, and sexism, with a healthy side of humor and mixed greens. Callaghan breaks all the rules of our image-obsessed culture in this raw, feminist comedy where everyone is about to get tossed!
Runs from October 12th through November 11th, The Ashby Stage, (Berkeley)



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