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Linda Maria Girón and Shay Oglesby-Smith in The Mystery of Love and Sex performed at the New Conservatory Theatre Center

The Gangster of Love
Written by: Jessica Hagedorn
Directed by: Loretta Greco
Performed by: Patrick Alparone, Sarah Nina Hayon, Chuck Lacson, Lawrence Radecker, Dezi Soley, Lance Gardner, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Jed Parsario, Sean San Jose, Golda Sargento
Raquel “Rocky” Rivera and her eccentric family settle in the Haight during the 1970s, opening for us a window to a dynamic period of conflict, social change, and artistic flourishing in San Francisco. 
Runs from April 11th and May 6th, Magic Theatre San Francisco (San Francisco)

Swimming Pool
Created by: Mara Poliak, Layton Lachman, Abby Crain
Performed by: Mara Poliak, Layton Lachman, Abby Crain
 You are the live audience for the studio recording of a radio play, a sci-fi love story in seven acts. A lot happens behind the scenes. Timescales start to slip, the water keeps getting in y/our eyes, and sloshing over the edge, and we can’t tell if we are above or below the surface or somewhere else entirely.
Runs from May 17th through May 19th, 
CounterPulse (San Francisco)

The Mystery of Love and Sex
Written by: Bathsheba Doran
Directed by: Rebecca Longworth
Performed by: Linda Maria Giron, Kenny Scott, Dave Sikula, Shay Oglesby-Smith
Charlotte and Jonny have been best friends since they were nine. She’s Jewish, he’s Christian, she’s white, and he’s black. They love each other, but not in that way. Or maybe that way. As they tumble into their twenties and confront the mysteries of their sexuality, they eventually find that the path forward is not always the one right in front of you.
Runs from April 13th through May 20th, New Conservatory Theatre Center (San Francisco)
Save 20% on tickets with the code TMOLAS20 at NCTCSF.ORG. Tickets start at just $25.

Inside Out + Back Again
Written by: Thanhha Lai (Min Kahng)
Directed by: May Liang
Performed by: Krystle Piamonte, Benjamin Nguyen, Kathryn Han
Produced by: Bay Area Children’s Theatre
Ten-year-old Hà and her family flee from Vietnam to Alabama, where she dreams of her beloved papaya tree and struggles to adjust in a strange new land. A world premiere by Min Kahng, based on Inside Out & Back Again, Thanhha Lai’s award-winning story told in poetry. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Runs from March 31st through May 27th, The Second Stage at Bay Area Children’s Theatre (Berkeley)

Dry Land
Written by: Ruby Rae Spiegel
Directed by: Ariel Craft
Performed by: Martha Brigham, Grace Ng, Adam Magill, Amy Nowak, Don Wood
Amy and Ester are teammates on a suburban Florida high school swim team. Ester is aiming for a scholarship. Amy just wants to get through an unwanted pregnancy. The New York Times describes Dry Land: “this portrait of an unlikely friendship under uncommon pressure is tender, caustic, funny and harrowing… Ms. Spiegel demonstrates an uncanny gift for presenting the unavoidable messiness of being young.”
Runs from May 17th through June 17th, Shotgun Players Box Office (Berkeley)

An Entomologist’s Love Story
Written by: Melissa Ross
Directed by: Giovanna Sardelli
Performed by: Jessica Lynn Carrol, Lori Prince, Will Springhorn Jr., Luca Verbrugghe
Working at the Museum of Natural History has its ups and downs for entomologists Betty and Jeff. As they research the mating rituals of bugs, they find their own complicated relationships increasingly under the microscope. An Entomologist’s Love Story is a hilarious, edgy and explicit look at love in our times. An Entomologist’s Love Story is an Edgerton Foundation New Play Award recipient.
Runs from May 8th through June 23rd, San Francisco Playhouse (San Francisco)



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