April Shows to See!




All’s Well That Ends Well
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Glenn Havlan
Performed by: Kristin Anundsen, Nathan Bogner, Jody Christian, Irina Dianova, Mark Goldman, Jacqui Herrera, Gaby Schneider, Emily Stone, Jeffrey Trescott, Ian Wilcox
Produced by: Theater of Others
All’s Well That Ends Well is the story of Helena, the daughter of a famed physician, who cures the King of a fatal disease and is given the choice of any husband.
Runs from March 31st through April 8th, Kelly Cullen Community Auditorium (San Francisco)

The Effect
Written by: Lucy Prebble
Directed by: Bill English
Performed by: Susi Damilano, Joe Estlack, Ayelet Firstenberg, Robert Parsons, Adam Elder, Jensen Power
Produced by: San Francisco Playhouse
Connie and Tristan are falling head-over-heels in love—or is that just a side effect? As volunteers in a clinical trial for a new super-antidepressant, they can’t really be sure.
Runs from March 20th through April 28th, San Francisco Playhouse (San Francisco)

Christian Teen Dolphin Sex Beach Party
Written by: Anthony R. Miller and Jess Thomas
Directed by: Colin Johnson
Perfomred by: Ava Maag, Nickolas Rice, Travis Maider, Stephanie Fields, Kate McGrath, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, Meghan Chambers, Puja Mary Rose Tolton
Produced by: Awesome Theatre
Ronnie and Judy are just two regular kids who love the lord. But when Judy is attacked and impregnated by a dolphin, their summer plans go out with the tide.
Runs from April 5th through May 10th, PianoFight (San Francisco)

Written by: AJ Baker
Directed by: Louis Parnell
Performed by: Sally Dana, Heather Gordon, Nancy Madden, Louis Parnell, Timothy Roy Redmond
Produced by: 3Girls Theatre Company
When an anonymous whistleblower threatens to go viral, visionary CEO Andrea Powell has just one day to save her company – and herself – from a public relation disaster that promises to destroy them both.
Runs from April 6th through April 28th, Z Below (San Francisco)

826 + KML = BFFs
Head Writers: Meghann Hayes & Meg Trowbridge
Directed by: Max Maliga
Performed by: Jia Taylor, Rebecca Hodges, Shane Swenson, Siobhan Doherty, Tirumari Jothi
Produced by: Killing My Lobster
Kids write the darndest things. That’s our fault, because we teach them sketch comedy writing at 826 Valencia every year. Then we take their work, rehearse it, add zany props, and perform it in front of a live audience.
Runs from April 19th through April 28th, PianoFight (San Francisco) 

The Human Ear
Written by: Alexandra Wood
Directed by: Robert Estes
Performed by: Crystal Brown and Louel Senores
Produced by: Anton’s Well Theater Company
Her brother ran away from home after their dad died ten years ago in Iraq. Her brother just now returned home after their mother died in an urban atrocity. Her boyfriend cop doesn’t believe her brother’s story. Lucy isn’t sure what to believe, including her own perceptions. What happens when you don’t know what just happened?
Runs from April 5th through April 15th, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley)

Written by: Byrony Lavery
Directed by: Tina Taylor
Performed by: Melissa Clason, Eileen Fisher, Jennifer Greene, Isabelle Grimm, Shawn Oda, Lauri Smith
Theatre Lunatico presents the west coast premier of Bryony Lavery’s KURSK, an immersive, intense, and gripping account of the 2000 sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine. Kursk, or K-141, depicts the perspective of a nearby British submarine as the crew grapples with how to address the impending situation, one that is complicated with fraught political overtones. Juxtaposed with the realities of the daily life of submariners, the play is a poignantly personal story set against the backdrop of an international political crisis, and a devastating naval disaster.
Runs from March 8th through April 8th, Theatre Lunatico (Berkeley)

Shifting Spaces
Written by: Kim Yaged, Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Shirley Barrie
Directed by: Elizabeth Vega, Narman Patrick Johnson, Lily Ting Crystal
Performed by: Jeannie Barroga, Lijesh Krishnan, Elliot Stanley, Jean Cary, GiGi Anber, Gabby Momah, Jasmine Williams, Jennifer McNeal
Produced by: Carol Lashof & Elizabeth Vega
Coming this spring to the Live Oak Theater in Berkeley, Those Women Productions presents Shifting Spaces, a trio of new one-act plays about individuals fighting to claim their full human identities. The program includes the world premieres of They/Them by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko and vessels by Kim Yaged, as well as the west coast premiere of Revelation by Shirley Barrie.
Runs from March 23rd through April 8th, Live Oak Theatre (Berkeley)

The Gangster of Love
Written by: Jessica Hagedorn
Directed by: Loretta Greco
Performed by: Patrick Alparone, Sarah Nina Hayon, Chuck Lacson, Lawrence Radecker, Dezi Soley, Lance Gardner, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Jed Parsario, Sean San Jose, Golda Sargento
Produced by: Magic Theatre San Francisco
The season ends in Spring with the world premiere of THE GANGSTER OF LOVE from Jessica Hagedorn, who presents the theatrical adaptation of her own story of immigration from Manila, based on her book of the same name. Raquel “Rocky” Rivera and her eccentric family settle in the Haight during the 1970s, opening for us a window to a dynamic period of conflict, social change, and artistic flourishing in San Francisco. The lauded city of poets, rebels, and thriving musicians will be reclaimed at Magic through the eyes of Hagedorn’s immigrant artists. Featuring live music, poetry reading, and the music video as key narrative forms, this is a story 20 years in the making. THE GANGSTER OF LOVE is a Magic Gerbode commissioned new play.
Runs from April 11th and May 6th, Magic Theatre San Francisco (San Francisco)

Inside Out + Back Again
Written by: Thanhha Lai (Min Kahng)
Directed by: May Liang
Performed by: Krystle Piamonte, Benjamin Nguyen, Kathryn Han
Produced by: Bay Area Children’s Theatre
Ten-year-old Hà and her family flee from Vietnam to Alabama, where she dreams of her beloved papaya tree and struggles to adjust in a strange new land. A world premiere by Min Kahng, based on Inside Out & Back Again, Thanhha Lai’s award-winning story told in poetry. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Runs from March 31st through May 27th, The Second Stage at Bay Area Children’s Theatre (Berkeley)

The Mystery of Love and Sex
Written by: Bathsheba Doran
Directed by: Rebecca Longworth
Performed by: Linda Maria Giron, Kenny Scott, Dave Sikula, Shay Oglesby-Smith
Produced by: Richard Meiss & Peter Rudy, Dave Madsen & Rick Norris
Charlotte and Jonny have been best friends since they were nine. She’s Jewish, he’s Christian, she’s white, and he’s black. They love each other, but not in that way. Or maybe that way. As they tumble into their twenties and confront the mysteries of their sexuality, they eventually find that the path forward is not always the one right in front of you.
Runs from April 13th through May 20th, New Conservatory Theatre Center (San Francisco)
























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