Meetup #47 Susan Sobeloff’s Strange Ladies

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.10.31 PM.pngFor our 47th Meetup, Works by Women San Francisco attended Susan Sobeloff’s Strange Ladies, produced by Central Works Theater.  This is our second time attending a Central Works show (we saw Patricia Milton’s Enemies: Foreign and Domestic in 2015).  In Strange Ladies, it’s 1917 and suffragists are fighting for the right to vote while America enters WWI.  A group of ‘Silent Sentinels’ are arrested and sent to Occoquan Workhouse Prison, where their brutal treatment and subsequent hunger strike brought womens’ suffrage to the national consciousness, resulting in the ratification of the 19th amendment 3 years later. Using music from the time period, this Central Works method production with an all-female cast will ‘Shout the revolution of women!’


Female artists working on the production include not only playwright Susan Sobeloff but also Jan Zvaifler (director) Milissa Carey* (music director/actor), Nicol Foster*, Gwen Loeb*, Regina Morones, Radhika Rao, Renee Rogoff (actors), Vanessa Ramos(stage manager), Tammy Berlin (costume design), and Debbie Shelley (props design).  * member of Actors’ Equity

If you saw the show with WWSF or on your own, leave a comment and share your experience.

One response to “Meetup #47 Susan Sobeloff’s Strange Ladies

  1. So glad to have seen this piece and this ensemble! Sobeloff does a great job of condensing an unwieldy and complex history into its key points and anecdotes, and the use of music throughout is a fantastic touch! Director Jan Zvaifler uses her space very effectively – having actors sit among the audience at times to pull us even further into this already intimate space. Tammy Berlin’s costumes very clearly delineate the characters as well.

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