Meetup #46: Eugenie Chan’s Madame Ho


For our 46th meetup event, Works by Women San Francisco attended the world premiere production of Eugenie Chan’s Madame Ho. Inspired by the life of Chan’s great grandmother, a Barbary Coast madam and single mother, the play is on the Kilroy’s 2015 List and is a recipient of the Theatre Bay Area Rella Lossy Award.  This show was produced by the playwright’s production company, Eugenie Chan Theater Project.


Women theater artists working on this project include Jessica Heidt (director), Sydney Schwindt (fight director), Bonnie Akimoto*, Rinabeth Apostol*, Lily Tung Crystal*, Lisa Hori-Garcia*, Christine Jamlig, and Mimu Tsujimura (actors), and Keiko Shimosato Carreiro* (actor/costume designer).

If you saw the show with WWSF or on your own, please leave a comment and let the artists know what you thought!

One response to “Meetup #46: Eugenie Chan’s Madame Ho

  1. I was really impressed by the choice to have male characters, especially ‘Big Boss Bo’ played by all members of the company at different times, and the simple/effective choice of a hat and jacket all could wear to embody him. Although this piece had many moments of women losing their power and agency, this choice gave power to the actors on stage. Director Jessica Heidt kept action moving in this fluid script and this top notch cast had many many moments of beauty, heartbreak and artistry, from Rinabeth Apostol’s ‘bound’ feet to Christine Jamlig’s excitement/apprehension at arriving in America to Lisa Hori-Garcia’s lust for life (and eggs!) as Daisy and so much more.

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