Meetup #41: Roe

homeslide-ro.jpgFor our 41st Meetup, we had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Loomer’s Roe at Berkeley Repertory Theatre.  Roe is a play that ‘cuts through the headlines’ to tell the personal stories of Roe v. Wade lawyer Sarah Weddington and plaintiff Norma McCorvey in the years following the landmark decision.  This show was a co-production with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and DC’s Arena Stage.

As theater critic Lily Janiak wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle: “What most stirs in “Roe” are the moments when Loomer simply channels the unalloyed sentiments and arguments of those who put their careers, their privacy, their safety on the line for a woman’s right to choose. ”

Female artists on the production include Lisa Loomer (playwright), Sarah Jane Agnew, Kenya Alexander, Zoe Bishop, Sara Bruner, Catherine Castellanos, Gina Daniels, Pamela Dunlap, Susan Lynskey, b (actors), Rachel Hauck (set designer), Raquel Barreto (costume designer), and Jane Cox (lighting designer).


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