Meetup #40: Terra Incognita: Through the Waves


For our 40th Meetup event, WWSF returned to DIVAfest at EXIT Theater for Terra Incognita: Through the Wavesa co-production with UpLift Physical Theater performed by an all-female cast. “Weaving together acrobatic movement and storytelling, this intimate play tells the tale of one woman following the disappearance of her soul-mate. In a devised piece developed while Artists in Residence at the San Francisco Circus Center, join UpLift Theatre’s all-female cast in an exploration of a woman lost between the waters of her grief and the mountaintops of her joyful memories.”

Female theater artists working on the project include: director Alyssa Hughlett, associate producer Tracy L. Wray, muse Jessica Ferris, and performers Juliana FrickHannah Gaff, and Nicholette Routhier. This artistic team has also done their own design work on the piece.


The show runs thru November 19th and you can purchase tickets here.

If you saw the show with WWSF or on your own, please leave a comment and let the artists know your thoughts!

5 responses to “Meetup #40: Terra Incognita: Through the Waves

  1. It isn’t often that I gasp out loud during live theater. But I couldn’t help it! When Hannah Gaff did a complete flip from a seeming stand-still with just a hand on her head from Nicolette Routhier to propel her, I was flabbergasted – I’ve never seen anyone do something that amazing onstage before! This production was full of new and amazing sights – such as the powerful section in which Juliana Frick, who appears to be in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy, danced a physically and emotionally wrenching solo full of floor work and tumbling. I got to gasp several more times during this incredibly potent and dynamic production as Gaff, Routhier and Frick somersaulted, leapt, and catapulted themselves around the tiny playing space of the EXIT Studio. Their theme – the wave-like experience of grief – was potently explored through daring lifts, balances, and inventive use of their single prop, a VERY sturdy table. Their movements were alternately aggressive, tender, terrifying, and touching. Throughout the piece, I marveled at their strength and tremendous intimacy with one another. Clearly this trio of highly trained performers have deep collaborative relationships, because their understanding of each other’s bodies and what they can do in space was nothing short of astounding. It was a great pleasure to see such risk and virtuosity onstage.

  2. In a fall season that seems to have been very full of male stories with little female representation, seeing Terra Incognita was for me a very welcome window into a female story. I was a little apprehensive going into a piece that had been described as a story of loss – how heavy or difficult was this going to be to witness? And while this piece was full of risk and danger and even held glimpses of fear and terror, I have come away in awe of the creative expression of these performers. Moments of crashing against each other to go over and past and through, lifts and holds, balance, suspended moments, wavelike repetition, swimming, struggling. an extremely potent image of comfort that slides into a kind of smother or strangle. Three performers, one table, a soundscape of ocean, male and female voice in conversation and argument, and one-side of a phone conversation. I am still digesting this incredibly powerful piece of performance, and looking forward to more work from this company.

  3. The physicality and innovative movement of this show were breathtaking. It was so refreshing to see women with such powerful agency, literally lifting and supporting each other.

    • Thanks Tara – agreed!! Although a major theme of this piece was grief and loss, I have come away from it with new thoughts on female power and strength.

  4. I agree Tara. Another favorite moment was the sustained lift at the end when a pregnant Frick carried a finally still (and potentially transformed) Routhier on her shoulders for what felt like an impossibly long time. How beautiful to see one women carry another with such grace and endless endurance.

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