September Shows to See!

bout hires - cr Kate Freer

Suli Holum in The WholeHearted performing at Z Space

Margaret of Anjou
Written by: Lauren Jansen-Parkes
Directed by Libby Vega
Performed by Maria Affinito, Lily Crystal, Sharon Huff Robinson, Melissa Locsin, Bobby August, Jr., Nic Sommerfeld, Ed Berkeley, Norman Johnson, Eric Newman, and Karl Schackne
Produced by Aurora Theatre Company
The story of Queen Margaret – a smart, ambitious woman seeking power in 15th century England – is eerily relevant to the present moment in American politics.
Runs from August 25th through September 11th, Live Oak Theatre (North Berkeley) 

Real Women Have Curves
Written by: Josefina Lopez
Directed by Katja Rivera
Performed by Janelle Aguirre, Emily Alvarado, Leticia Duarte, Annette Oliveira, and Elena Ruggiero
Produced by Douglas Morrisson Theatre
Regional premiere of Lopez’s revised script. A Cinderella story about five full-figured Latina women working in a sewing factory in East L.A. who must deliver an impossible order in one week to save their business. A celebration of women’s real bodies and the power of women working together.
Runs from August 25th through September 18th, Douglas Morrisson Theatre (Hayward)

Written by: Tom Coash
Directed by Vicki Rozell
Performed by Amani Dom and Naseem Etemad
Produced by Pear Theatre
Veils reminds us that at the heart of all ideological clashes are real and vulnerable human beings, and only by connecting as humans can we weather times of upheaval.
Runs from August 26th through September 18th, Pear Theatre (Mountain View) 

All of What You Love and None of What You Hate
Written by: Phillip Howze
Directed by Edris Cooper-Anifowashe
Performed by Tristan Cunningham, Britney Frazier, Indiia Wilmot, and Cameron Matthews
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
A lamp flickers on. In her bedroom, a young girl’s universe explodes around her. With the future unsettled, she must find answers and new footing in a clash against fate. all of what you love and none of what you hate is a beautiful, emotional journey punctuated by bursts of abstraction.
Runs from August 31st through September 24th, San Francisco Playhouse (San Francisco) 

Waist Watchers The Musical
Written by: Alan Jacobson
Directed by: Matt Silva
Performed by Dionne Carole, Pam Jorgensen, Krissy Johnson, and Eleonore S. Thomas
Produced by PlayHouse Productions
Set in a women’s gym, the Alan Jacobson musical takes a lighthearted and hilarious look at four women “of a certain age” dealing with assorted body image issues like dieting, exercise, plastic surgery, and sex over 40.
Runs from August 3rd through September 4th, Del Valle Theater (Walnut Creek)
Runs from September 7th through September 25th, Montgomery Theater (San Jose) 

The Wholehearted
Written by: Deborah Stein
Directed by: Suli Holum & Deborah Stein
Performed by Suli Holum
Produced by Z Space
A world champion boxer taken down in her prime by her own husband, Dee Crosby is hell bent on redemption—no matter the cost. 
Runs from September 7th through September 10th, Z Space (San Francisco)

Dear Master
Written by: Dorothy Bryant
Directed by Joy Carlin
Performed by Kimberly King and Michael Ray Wisely
Produced by Aurora Theatre Company
Dear Master is an elegantly orchestrated play, providing flesh-and-blood portraits of these famed intellectual writers and revealing their fears, desires, heated opinions and friendship during a time as violent and politically polarized as our own.
Runs from September 2nd through October 2nd, Aurora Theatre (Berkeley) 

Written by: Susan Rabin
Directed by: Rich Sargent
Performed by Laura Espino, Adrienne Dolan, Amir Hasan, Ken Shaw, and Matthew Ward
Produced by Windy City Productions
With humor and pathos, NOSEJOB skewers the superficial value society places on perfection and pedigree. 
Runs from September 8th through September 24th, Phoenix Theatre (San Francisco)


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