Nicky’s Picks: Signing Off!

Dear Works by Women San Francisco Bloggers and Readers,

I wanted to write a letter as my last post because I find letters much more intimate and fun. I want to say that I’ve been editing and changing pictures, posting what shows to see every month, and posting my “Nicky’s Picks” posts ever so often for a year and 2 months now. I have learned a lot about what it takes to manage a website like this one and I’ve also learned a lot about the wonderful theater that goes on around the Bay Area that has women voices being heard and represented. Though there is still room for improvement, I’m happy to be apart of something that acknowledges the inequality and is bringing awareness to wonderful works being done by and for women in the Bay Area.

Now that I am a recent Graduate from the University of San Francisco as a Performing Arts and Social Justice Major, I hope to be apart of the change as a playwright. I want to make it a point to have female characters that have depth, power, and complexity that can be portrayed by any race. I want to make an effort to work with as many women, women identifying, and queer artists as I can to have their work be seen and acknowledged. I identify as being Genderfluid, which basically means that at times I feel extremely feminine, others I feel extremely masculine, and sometimes I feel both or nothing at all; in other words I flow through the spectrum of gender as I see is fit for me during any day and time. And though different genders are not always acknowledged or taken seriously I want to make an effort to show that they can be normalized on stage. That they matter and still exist whether the media wants to acknowledge it or not. I want to make an effort of showing equality on stage.

Equality of genders and representation of women and those who identify as women is extremely important to do now. It is still crazy for me to believe that even though we have made great leaps in history for women’s rights, gay rights, racial rights, ect. there is still so much we need to fix and move forward on. And I believe websites like these, and the art that is arising from the inequality/ injustices of our time is directing us as a community and a society to making a difference for the better. We are acknowledging the inequalities of our stages and we are making an effort to provide more representation of women in theater through these shows being produced throughout the Bay Area, and then gathering that information to show in the monthly statistics Valerie Week has posted to shine light on our little wins and where we still need to improve. As artists and activists we create art for those to look at, and hopefully make them feel something and react. We show a mirror of reality at times when creating work and sometimes it causes audiences to finally understand something they didn’t before, or see representation that every day media lacks. And I am proud to be apart of it and I hope you all are too.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to keep this website alive and functioning, and I want to say thank you to Christine Young for letting me be apart of it, even if it was just for a little while. I know I will continue to use the website as a point of reference to go out and watch shows or to see Valerie Week’s findings of Gender Parity each month. It’s been a lovely experience working for Christine Young and getting to know the other people that I have met doing this job like Valerie Week, Mina Morita, Tiffany Cathran, Stephanie Henderson, and many more. They have all inspired me to put my best self out there and challenged me to make Bay Area Theater better by keeping the idea of equality always in the front of my mind like they have when making theater.

Thank you all for reading!

With much love,

Bun Bun


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