July & August Shows to See!


Ensemble and Giorgia Luisa in FaultLine Theater’s Oreo Carrot Danger A Play Of Rituals

For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Les Waters
Performed by Kathleen Chalfant, Ellen McLaughlin, David Chandler, Ron Crawford, Keith Reddin and Charles Robinson.
Produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Sarah Ruhl brings a tender and fanciful look at growing up versus growing old within a family.
Runs through July 3rd, Berkeley Rep: Roda Theater (Berkeley) 

Anna Christie
Written by: Eugene O’Neill
Directed by Jenny Hollingworth
Performed by Tina Rutsch, Barbara Ann Cecchetti, Geoff Fiorito, Sean Garahan, Warren Liu, and Butch Welby
Produced by Dragon Theatre and Tina Rutsch
Rarely performed, but arguably O’Neill’s quintessential early play, Anna Christie grapples with alcoholism, alienation, heartbreak, mortality and the monolithic sea, all experiences drawn from the playwright’s own past.
Runs through July 3rd, Dragon Theatre (Redwood City) 

Rose in America
Written by: Michelle Carter
Directed by Regina Victoria Fields
Performed by Nkechi Emeruwa, Aejay Mitchell, Dorian Lockett, Charles Dean, and John Patrick Moore.
Produced by AlterTheater Ensemble
Three Black Ph.D. students attempt to reclaim their own history from a white savior play about the Civil Rights Movement’s Selma March…and have to deal with the complications of a surprisingly still-alive white playwright. A quasi-realistic, semi-serious comedy about the collision of four generations of activists. 
Runs through July 3rd, The Costume Shop & The Storefront (San Francisco & San Rafael)

ABOMINABLE or the Misappropriation of Beverly Onion by Forces Beyond Her Control
Written by Katie May
Directed by Chloe Bronzan
Performed by Lisa Morse, Amy Resnick, Gwen Loeb, Nican Robinson, Steven Westdahl, and Chad Deverman
Produced by PlayGround
A play for the lonely hearts, the awkward monsters and the unabashed geeks inside us all!
Runs through July 9th, Thick House Theater (San Francisco) 

Confessions of a Catholic Child
Written by: Elizabeth Appell
Directed by Ariel Craft
Performed by Christina Augello, Mikka Bonel, Janice Rumschlag, Laurel Scotland-Stewart, Nic Sommerfeld, Stuart Bousel, Paul Rodrigues, John Simpson, and Ron Talbot
Produced by EXIT Theatre
Mixing bourbon and morphine, Regina seeks answers to the eternal question: what’s it all about?
Runs through July 9th, EXIT Theatre (San Francisco) 

Oreo Carrot Danger: A Play of Rituals
Written by: Nayia Kuvetakis
Directed by Rose Oser
Performed by Giorgia Luisa, Michelle Navarrete, Koledon Lambright, Adam Niemann and Adam Odsess-Rubin
Produced by FaultLine Theater
Oreo Carrot Danger; a play of rituals is a wacky and visceral exploration of love and OCD. Ben is on a first date with Kate, but can’t help being distracted by thoughts of accidentally murdering her while she sleeps OR being forced to move to Canada and play hockey 24/7. Typical first date anxiety, right? In a world where absurdity trumps reality, Ben and Kate must find a way to navigate their relationship through the noise
Runs through July 9th, Z Below (San Francisco) 

August: Osage County
Written by: Tracy Letts
Directed by Jeanie Smith
Performed by Janine Evans, Betsy Kruse Craig, Leslie Newport, Vivian Pride, Roneet Rahamim, Diane Tasca, Michael Champlin, Gary Mosher, Max Tachis, Marjorie Hazeltine, Bill Jones, Dan Kapler and Keith Larson
Produced by Pear Theatre
In this searing, fiercely dark comedy of an American family, secrets and lies spill out over dysfunc-tional dinners and drug-laced arguments, and nothing is sacred—or safe.
Runs through July 10th, Pear Theatre (Mountain View) 

Blues is a Woman: The Wild Women of Song
Written by: Pamela Rose
Performed by Tammy Hall, Ruth Davies, Kristen Storm, Daria Johnson, and Pat Wilder
Produced by The Custom Made Theatre Company
Blues is a Woman: Wild Women of Song, a theatrical funk and roots-infused musical narrative by Pamela Rose, featuring some of the most talented women in the world of blues music today. This special one-night only event includes a sneak preview concert, and a open wine bar with the musicians following the performance.
ONE NIGHT ONLY! July 10th, Custom Made Theatre (San Francisco) 

The Rules
Written by: Dipika Guha
Directed by Susannah Martin
Performed by Sarah Moser, Amy Lizardo, Karen Offereins, and Johnny Moreno
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
Dipika Guha’s The Rules is a “late coming of age story” following Ana, as she redefines how she views herself, her closest friends, and what it means to love.
Runs through July 16th, Children’s Creativity Museum Theater (San Francisco)

Low Hanging Fruit
Written by: Robin Bradford
Directed by Louis Parnell
Performed by Cat Brooks, Livia Demarchi, Heather Gordon, Cheri VandenHuevel, Jessica Waldman, Julian Green, and Gereg Muller
Produced by 3Girls Theatre Company
Four homeless women struggle to survive on the mean streets of Skid Row, Los Angeles. All military veterans, they’re all dealing with issues brought on by their combat experiences, and cluster together for quasi-safety in a small tent encampment they’ve nicknamed The Taj Mahal. When one of the women befriends a young runaway and invites her back to the camp, things change for everyone.
Runs through July 30th, Z Below (San Francisco)

Grand Concourse
Written by: Heidi Schreck
Directed by Joanie McBrien
Performed by Cathleen Riddley, Megan Trout, Caleb Cabrera, and Kevin Clarke
Produced by Shotgun Players
From our earliest age – when someone hurts us – we are taught to turn the other cheek. Set in an inner city soup kitchen, Grand Concourse introduces us to Shelley, a basketball playing nun, who has dedicated her life to serving others. Into the mix comes Emma, a complex and mysterious young woman who wants to make a difference. With sharp humor and brutal honesty, Grand Concourse forces us to question if some actions are unforgivable.
Runs from July 13th through August 14th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley) 

Hearts of Palm
Written by: Patricia Milton
Directed by Gary Graves
Performed by Friedra deLackner, Rinabeth Apostol, Michelle Talgarow, Jan Zvaifler, and John Patrick Moore
Produced by Central Works
Unrequited love meets unregulated capitalism in Hearts of Palm.
Runs from July 16th through August 14th, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley) 

The Awakening
Written by: Kate Chopin/ Oren Stevens
Directed by Ariel Craft
Performed by Maria Marquis, Kristen Peacock, Genevieve Perdue, Robin Gabrielli, Justin Gillman, and Elliot Lieberman
Produced by The Breadbox
At the tail end of the nineteenth century, Kate Chopin penned THE AWAKENING, a novel so threatening to social norms and the prevailing gender paradigm that it destroyed her career. Now The Breadbox, in this world premiere stage adaptation, breathes new life into Chopin’s feminist masterwork.
Runs from July 29th through August 20th, Exit Stage Left (San Francisco)

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  1. Hi! Can I alert you to our production of The Thrush and The Woodpecker by Steve Yockey? Opening August 4th. Staring Stacy Ross, Fontana Butterfield and Adam Magill. Directed by Tracy Ward. Other women involved include the lighting designer, stage manager, production manager, costume designer and sound designer.


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    From: Works by Women San Francisco
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    Date: Friday, July 1, 2016 at 10:47 PM
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    Christine Young posted: ” For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday Written by Sarah Ruhl Directed by Les Waters Performed by Kathleen Chalfant, Ellen McLaughlin, David Chandler, Ron Crawford, Keith Reddin and Charles Robinson. Produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre Sarah Ruhl brings “

  2. This is just an FYI that the part played by the amazing Rinabeth Apostol (member AEA) in HEARTS OF PALM as mentioned above, is now played by the fabulous Erin Mei-Ling Stuart. Thank you! -p

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