More Feminist Theater in June!

Melanie and Eileen dance.jpg

Melanie Bandera and Eileen Fisher in Metamorphosis produced by Theatre Lunatico

Written by Mary Zimmerman
Directed by Tina Taylor
Performed by Melanie Bandera, Megan Donahue, Eileen Fisher, Emily Ludlow, Keara Noelle, Shawn Oda, Maddie Cope, Bella Fallace, and Eileen Puppo
Produced by Theatre Lunatico
A group of women in a refugee camp, exhausted from their travels, tell stories to pass the night away. Cathartic and poignant, these stories of the Gods are brought down to earth through an all too familiar context of human catastrophe. By telling these big myths in our small, bare bones way, Theatre Lunatico continues to promote intimate, connected theatre, emphasizing the beauty of the human condition through timeless storytelling..
Runs through June 26th, Old Mill Park Amphitheatre (Mill Valley)

Piedmont First Annual One-Act Play Festival
Written by Barbara Anderson, Leah Halper, Mercilee Jenkins, Carol Marshall, Jan Probst, Diane Sampson, Abe Bernstein, Jeff Swan, David Wilcox, and L. Zephyr
Directed by Beth Donovan
Performed by Sarah Benjamin, Suzanne Latham, Alma Pasic-Tran, Maya Rath, Julia Rechter, Miyoko Sakatani, Jason Berner, Manuel Fernandez, Gerardo Paz, and Joshua Selesnick
Produced by Nancy Lehrkind
Join Piedmont Players for our First One-Act Play Festival—an exciting exercise in creativity, utilizing a simple park bench as the set for original works written for this Festival by Bay Area playwrights. 
Runs through June 19th, Piedmont Center for the Arts (Piedmont)


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