The Village Bike

Elissa Stebbins as Becky and Nick Medina as John in Shotgun Player’s “The Village Bike”

Mud Blue Sky
Written by Marisa Wegrzyn
Produced by B Street Theater
Mud Blue Sky offers a heartwarming yet comic look at work, motherhood and missed connections..
Runs through June 5th, B Street Theatre (Sacramento) 

The Empty Nesters
Written by Garret Jon Groenveld
Directed by Richard Seyd
Performed by Pamela Walker and John Walker
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
A play about helicopter parents facing the question of what they want to be when their kids grow up.
Runs through June 11th, Z Below (San Francisco) 

Maggie’s Riff
Written by Jon Lipsky
Directed by Cole Ferraiuolo
Performed by Nicole Odell, Paul Rodrigues, J.D. Scalzo, and Rich Lesnick
Produced by FaultLine Theater
“Maggie’s Riff” is a time-bending examination into Jack Kerouac’s memories.
Runs through June 11th, PianoFight (San Francisco)

Robert Louis Stevenson: Jekyll and Hyde
Written by Gary Graves
Directed by Jan Zvaifler
Performed by Danielle Levin and Brian Herndon
Produced by Central Works
A new play based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of good and evil..
Runs through June 12th, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley) 

Dancing At Lughnasa
Written by Brian Friel
Directed by Patricia Miller
Performed by Kristine Lowry, Grimm Isabelle, Lily Jackson, Shannon Kase, Siobhan O’Brien, John Hanlon, Jim McFadden, and Mark Schwartz
Produced by Novato Theater Company
In the late summer days of 1936, love briefly seems possible for three of the Mundy sisters.
Runs through June 12th, Novato Theater Company (Novato)

Book of Days
Written by Lanford Wilson
Performed by Mylissa Malley, Laura Espino, Caitlin Papp, Eve Tieck, Marianna Wolff, Matt Gunnison, Tim Holt Jones, Nick Mandracchia, Adam Niemann, Paul Stout, Kendall Tieck, and Dan Wilson.
Produced by Douglas Morrisson Theatre
A small town in Missouri is rocked by a violent murder and one woman seeks to root out the truth.
Runs June 12th, Douglas Morrisson Theatre (Hayward) 

Appointment With Death
Written by Agatha Christie
Directed by Janis Bergmann
Performed by Darlene Batchelder, Kelly Endersby, Kathryn Han, Missy Lyons, Megan McNulty, Brittany Pisoni, Sam Nachison, Kyle Dayrit, Jorge Diaz, Bill Dwan, Fredric Lagerblad, Danny Martin, Sean Okuniewicz, Peter Spoelstra and Phil Taylor.
Produced by Foothill College Theatre Arts Department
Celebrating Agatha Christie’s 125th A’versary — here’s Ms. Crime Queen’s world of murder & mystery!
Runs through June 12th, Foothill College Lohman Theatre (Los Altos)

 Present Laughter
Written by Noel Coward
Directed by John Fisher
Performed by Amanda Farbstein, Kathryn Wood, Tina D’Elia, Adrienne Dolan, Adrienne Krug, John Fisher, Carlos Barrera, Ryan Engstrom, Marvin Peterle Rocha, and Adam Simpson
Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros
Noel Coward thinks the world of himself. And so do all his girlfriends and boyfriends.
Runs June 18th, Eureka Theatre (San Francisco)

I and You
Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Noelle Gibbs
Performed by Ivette Deltoro and Davied Morales
Produced by City Lights Theater Company
In this poignant play, two very different teenagers discover just how much they have in common.
Runs June 19th, City Lights Theater (San Jose) 

Queer as Fuck
Directed by Beatrice Thomas, Logan Ellis, and Alan Quimorio
Performed by Dianne Chui, Krystal Piamonte, Nichole “Nicky” Martinez, Jessica Nguyen, Tatiana Chateriji, Jocelyne Ampon, Maria Manuel, Jeffrey Fischer-Smith, Ely Sonny Jr. Orquiza, Alejandro Torres, Pablo Tapay Bautista, Roman Rimer, Jonas Abella, and Chris Tahum
Produced by Bindlestiff Studios, Queer Cultural Center, and the Asian Pacific Island Cultural Center
Lactose-intolerant kisses. His first consultation at the makeup counter. A conversation with the ghost of their lover. Penetration. All these stories and more in Queer Fuckery’s debut production “QUEER as FUCK!”
Runs from June 16th through June 25th, Bindlestiff Studios (San Francisco)

The Village Bike
Written by Penelope Skinner
Directed by Patrick Dooley
Performed by El Beh, Elissa Stebbins, Megan Trout, Kevin Clarke, Nick Medina, and David Sinaiko
Produced by Shotgun Players
Brash & bold, “The Village Bike” is also a raw, rarely-exposed exploration of a female experience.
Runs through June 26th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)

For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Les Waters
Performed by Kathleen Chalfant, Ellen McLaughlin, David Chandler, Ron Crawford, Keith Reddin and Charles Robinson.
Produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Sarah Ruhl brings a tender and fanciful look at growing up versus growing old within a family.
Runs through July 3rd, Berkeley Rep: Roda Theater (Berkeley)

ABOMINABLE or the Misappropriation of Beverly Onion by Forces Beyond Her Control
Written by Katie May
Directed by Chloe Bronzan
Performed by Lisa Morse, Amy Resnick, Gwen Loeb, Nican Robinson, Steven Westdahl, and Chad Deverman
Produced by PlayGround
A play for the lonely hearts, the awkward monsters and the unabashed geeks inside us all!
Runs through July 9th, Thick House Theater (San Francisco) 

Confessions of a Catholic Child
Written by: Elizabeth Appell
Directed by Ariel Craft
Performed by Christina Augello, Mikka Bonel, Janice Rumschlag, Laurel Scotland-Stewart, Nic Sommerfeld, Stuart Bousel, Paul Rodrigues, John Simpson, and Ron Talbot
Produced by EXIT Theatre
Mixing bourbon and morphine, Regina seeks answers to the eternal question: what’s it all about?
Runs from June 17th through July 9th, EXIT Theatre (San Francisco) 

August: Osage County
Written by: Tracy Letts
Directed by Jeanie Smith
Performed by Janine Evans, Betsy Kruse Craig, Leslie Newport, Vivian Pride, Roneet Rahamim, Diane Tasca, Michael Champlin, Gary Mosher, Max Tachis, Marjorie Hazeltine, Bill Jones, Dan Kapler and Keith Larson
Produced by Pear Theatre
In this searing, fiercely dark comedy of an American family, secrets and lies spill out over dysfunc-tional dinners and drug-laced arguments, and nothing is sacred—or safe.
Runs from June 23rd through July 10th, Pear Theatre (Mountain View) 

The Rules
Written by: Dipika Guha
Directed by Susannah Martin
Performed by Sarah Moser, Amy Lizardo, Karen Offereins, and Johnny Moreno
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
Dipika Guha’s The Rules is a “late coming of age story” following Ana, as she redefines
how she views herself, her closest friends, and what it means to love.

Runs from June 22nd through July 16th, Children’s Creativity Museum Theater (San Francisco)

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