Lorri Holt as Colette in the Marsh’s production of “Colette Uncensored”

Whale’s Wake
Written by Amy Sass
Directed by Amy Sass
Performed by Mikka Bonel, Anne Darragh, Sharon Huff Robinson, Anya Kazimierski, David Cramer, and Keith Davis
Produced by Ragged Wing Ensemble and PlayGround
A clan’s grief for its lost patriarch surreally bends the rules of society and the laws of nature.
Runs thru May 7th, The Flight Deck (Oakland)

Written by Mfoniso Udofia
Directed by Ryan Purcell
Performed by Katherine Turner, Jamella Cross, Ratimi Agbabiaka, and Jarrod Smith
Produced by Magic Theater
Newlywed Abasiama has a plan: she will go to America with her husband to get an education, and then return home to join in Nigeria’s rebirth after the Civil War. But in a country where home, marriage, and love don’t mean what she expects, she finds her loyalties tested in the face of an impossible choice.
Runs thru May 8th, Magic Theater (San Francisco)

The How And The Why 
Written by Sarah Treem
Directed by Joy Carlin
Performed by Martha Brigham and Nancy Carlin
Produced by Aurora Theatre Company
More than science is at stake when two women of different generations clash over what it means to be female.
Runs thru May 8th, Aurora: Harry’s Upstage (Berkeley)

Written by Tar Gracesdottir
Directed by Scott Baker
Performed by Sara Breindel, Valerie Fachman, Val Sinckler, and Charles Lewis
Produced by Performers Under Stress
A dark farce in a zoo. Wildlife professionals and those who love & hate them clash over extinction.
Runs thru May 8th, Mojo Theatre (San Francisco)

Enchanted April
Written by Charles Liepart
Directed by Lois Grandi
Performed by Joy Sherratt, Amy Franklin Leonards, Rachel Powers, Ellen Brooks, Maria Mikheyehko, Josselyn O’Neill, Lucy Powers, David Bryant, Christopher Vettel, David Judson, Ryan Henry, and Andrew Mondello
Produced by Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre
The story and lively musical score reflect its setting in post-Victorian London and Italy.
Runs thru May 8th, Firehouse Arts Center (Pleasanton) 

The Mountaintop
Written by Katori Hall
Directed by Marilyn Langbehn
Performed by Kimberly Ridgeway and Khary L. Moye
Produced by Contra Costa Civic Theatre
A compelling, thought-provoking re-imagination of the night before the assassination of Dr. King.
Runs thru May 8th, Contra Costa Civic Theatre (El Cerrito)

Colette Uncensored
Written by Lori Holt and Zack Rogow
Directed by David Ford
Performed by Lorri Holt
Produced by The Marsh
The story of the author’s life as a writer, a woman, a pioneer for social change, and a lover.
Runs thru May 14th, The Marsh (San Francisco)

Written by Mfoniso Udofia
Directed by Ryan Purcell
Performed by Omoze Idehenre, Nancy Moricette, Katherine Turner, Adrian Roberts, Rotimi Agbabiaka, and Rafael Jordon
Produced by Magic Theater
The shadows of Disciple’s past come to a head-on collision with the reality of the present.
Runs thru May 15th, Magic Theater (San Francisco)

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Mark Jackson
Performed by El Beh, Cathleen Riddley, Megan Trout, Beth Wilmurt, Kevin Clarke, Nick Medina, and David Sinaiko.
Produced by Shotgun Players
We begin with a radical production of the world theatre’s most enduring classic. Hamlet is perhaps the one role in Shakespeare’s canon that every one of us can identify with. Every actor of the ensemble will learn every role of the play. Moments before show-time, the cast line up before the audience to pull their roles for the night out of Yorick’s skull! They get 5 minutes to gather their wits and then BANG!
Runs thru May 15th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley) 

Anne Boleyn
Written by Howard Brenton
Directed by Jasson Minadakis
Performed by Liz Sklar, Arwen Anderson, Carrie Brandon, Lauren Spencer, Craig Marker, David Ari, Dan Hiatt, Charles Robinson, Howard Swain, Ryan Tasker, and Robert Parsons
Produced by Marin Theatre Company
Now it’s her turn.
Runs thru May 15th, Marin Theatre Company (Mill Valley)

The Boy From Oz
Written by Peter Allen
Directed by Jon Rosen
Performed by Connie Champagne, Kat Robichaud, Amy Meyers, Dan Seda, Ivan Hardin, Keith Nielsen, and Jery Rosas
Produced by Landmark Musical Theatre
The Bay Area premiere of the Tony Award-winning musical about songwriter Peter Allen.
Runs thru May 15th, The Great Star Theater (San Francisco)

2016 Salon Reading Series: Country Matters
Written by Lee Brady
Produced by 3 Girls Theatre
Developmental readings by women playwrights.
Only on May 15th, Private Home in Cow Hollow

The Possibility
Written by Vonn Scott Bair
Directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto
Produced by Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco
The Possibility is a full-length “modular play” depicting the internal struggles of a man and a woman who think about the possibility of adultery–and who might act upon that.
Only on May 16th, Shelton Theatre (San Francisco)

Lifetime: Theater For Women
Written by Amanda Rosenberg, Elaine Gavin, Kate Elston, Margaux Poupard, Carolyn Racine, Meg Trowbridge, Erin Carter, and Mike Ottum
Directed by Allison Page
Performed by Jeunee Simon, Kyna Wise, Manie Grewal, Olivia Kingsley, and Ray Hobbs
Produced by Killing My Lobster
There are hammers for women. Pens for women. And now, finally, there’s Theatre For Women. Join us as we cover the unfamiliar ground of womanhood. From The Craft, to Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1997, to stories about women being stalked by men they eventually fall in love with, we’ll cover it all in Lifetime: Theatre for Women. It’s for women. Guaranteed.
Runs May 19th through May 21st, PianoFight (San Francisco)

Meklit: This Was Made Here
Written by Meklit Hadero
Performed by Meklit Hadero
Produced by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Born in Ethiopia, raised in Brooklyn and based for a decade in San Francisco, Meklit weaves together traditional songs, poetry, and a female chorus to trace Ethiopian Jazz from eastern Africa to the Fillmore in San Francisco.
Runs May 19th through May 21st, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco)

Rickshaw Girl
Written by Aiditi Kapil
Directed by Vidhu Singh
Performed by Emily Alvarado, Salim Razawi, Ariella Irula, Radhika Rao, and J Jha.
Produced by Bay Area’s Children Theatre
A village in Bangladesh, a loving family, and a daring daughter. In Naima’s village, boys can work for pay, but girls are expected to stay home and help with the cooking and the cleaning. Nima desperately wants to help her father earn more money, and she thinks she knows just how to do it. A world premiere.
Runs thru May 22nd, Osher Studio (Berkeley)

Madam Ho—A New Play By Eugenie Chan
Written by Eugenie Chan
Directed by Jessica Heidt
Performed by Katherine Chin, Monica Ho, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Gwen Loeb, Josephine Ma, Erin Stuart, Mia Tagano, Mimi Tsujimura, Ogie Zulueta, and Randall Nakano
Produced by Eugenie Chan Theater Projects
A bilingual reading about a formidable Barbary Coast brothel madam, Chinese immigrant and ghost.
Only On May 28th, The Great Star Theater (San Francisco)

When the Rain Stops Falling
Written by Andrew Bovell
Directed by Kimberly Hill
Performed by Lauren Hayes, Maria Marquis, Sheila Ellam, Judith Miller, Felix Abidor, John Baldwin, and Evan Sokol.
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
This compelling family saga takes us back and forth in time from one generation to another.
Runs thru May 29th, Dragon Theatre (Redwood City)

Pear Slices 2016
Written by Barbara Anderson, Diane Gribschaw, Leah Halper, Elyce Melmon, Bridgette Portman, Paul Braverman, Max Gutmann, Ross Peter Nelson, Douglas Rees, Earl T. Roske, David Schreiber, and E. Kokkila Schumacher.
Directed by Robyn Ginsburg Braverman and Troy Johnson
Performed by Nicole Martin, Kristin Walter, Stephanie Crowley, April Culver, Ray Renati, Mark Vashro, and Chris Mahle.
Produced by Pear Theatre
An Anthology production of New, short plays from the Pear Playwrights Guild.
Runs May 13th thru May 29th, Pear Theatre (Mountain View) 

I Love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change
Written by Joe DiPietro
Directed by Larry Williams
Performed by Dani Beem, Danielle DeBow, Barry Martin, and Michael Wells
Produced by Lucky Penny Productions
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is a musical comedy presented in the form of a series of vignettes connected by the central theme of love and relationships.
Runs May 13th thru May 29th, Lucky Penny Community Arts Center (Napa)

Mud Blue Sky
Written by Marisa Wegrzyn
Produced by B Street Theater
Mud Blue Sky offers a heartwarming yet comic look at work, motherhood and missed connections..
Runs through June 5th, B Street Theatre (Sacramento)

The Empty Nesters
Written by Garret Jon Groenveld
Directed by Richard Seyd
Performed by Pamela Walker and John Walker
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
A play about helicopter parents facing the question of what they want to be when their kids grow up.
Runs May 6th thru June 11th, Z Below (San Francisco) 

Maggie’s Riff
Written by Jon Lipsky
Directed by Cole Ferraiuolo
Performed by Nicole Odell, Paul Rodrigues, J.D. Scalzo, and Rich Lesnick
Produced by FaultLine Theater
“Maggie’s Riff” is a time-bending examination into Jack Kerouac’s memories.
Runs May 20th through June 11th, PianoFight (San Francisco)

Robert Louis Stevenson: Jekyll and Hyde
Written by Gary Graves
Directed by Jan Zvaifler
Performed by Danielle Levin and Brian Herndon
Produced by Central Works
A new play based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of good and evil..
Runs May 14th thru June 12th, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley) 

Dancing At Lughnasa
Written by Brian Friel
Directed by Patricia Miller
Performed by Kristine Lowry, Grimm Isabelle, Lily Jackson, Shannon Kase, Siobhan O’Brien, John Hanlon, Jim McFadden, and Mark Schwartz
Produced by Novato Theater Company
In the late summer days of 1936, love briefly seems possible for three of the Mundy sisters.
Runs May 19th through June 12th, Novato Theater Company (Novato)

Book of Days
Written by Lanford Wilson
Performed by Mylissa Malley, Laura Espino, Caitlin Papp, Eve Tieck, Marianna Wolff, Matt Gunnison, Tim Holt Jones, Nick Mandracchia, Adam Niemann, Paul Stout, Kendall Tieck, and Dan Wilson.
Produced by Douglas Morrisson Theatre
A small town in Missouri is rocked by a violent murder and one woman seeks to root out the truth.
Runs May 19th through June 12th, Douglas Morrisson Theatre (Hayward) 

Present Laughter
Written by Noel Coward
Directed by John Fisher
Performed by Amanda Farbstein, Kathryn Wood, Tina D’Elia, Adrienne Dolan, Adrienne Krug, John Fisher, Carlos Barrera, Ryan Engstrom, Marvin Peterle Rocha, and Adam Simpson
Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros
Noel Coward thinks the world of himself. And so do all his girlfriends and boyfriends.
Runs May 21st through June 18th, Eureka Theatre (San Francisco)

I and You
Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Noelle Gibbs
Performed by Ivette Deltoro and Davied Morales
Produced by City Lights Theater Company
In this poignant play, two very different teenagers discover just how much they have in common.
Runs May 19th through June 19th, City Lights Theater (San Jose)

The Village Bike
Written by Penelope Skinner
Directed by Patrick Dooley
Performed by El Beh, Elissa Stebbins, Megan Trout, Kevin Clarke, Nick Medina, and David Sinaiko
Produced by Shotgun Players
Brash & bold, “The Village Bike” is also a raw, rarely-exposed exploration of a female experience.
Runs May 25th through June 26th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)


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