End Of March/April Shows To See!


Charlene (Sarah Nina Hayon) & Vivan (Kristin Villanueva) in Rachel Bonds, “Swimmers”. Photo by: Kevin Berne

In the Cross Hairs
Created and Performed by Martha Rynberg & Thao P. Nguyen
Two solo performance powerhouses join forces in this sketch comedy show about hair. Yes, hair! 
Fridays at 8pm thru March 25th, Stage Werx (SF)

ODC/Dance Downtown
Choreography by Kimi Okada, KT Nelson, Brena Way, and Kate Weare
Week 1: KT Nelson’s new work Going Solo; world premiere of Brenda Way’s Walk Back the Cat including a score performed live by Paul Dresher; Kimi Okada’s humorous I look vacantly at the Pacific…though regret
Week 2: reprise of KT Nelson’s 2015 explosive hit, Dead Reckoning; world premiere of Kate Weare’s Giant
Runs thru March 27th, Yerba Buena Center of the Arts (SF)

Written by Rachel Bonds
Directed by Mike Donahue
Performed by Jolly Abraham, Jessica Bates, Sarah Hayon, Kristin Villanueva, Ryan Anderson, Adam Andrianopoulos, L. Peter Callender, Brian Herndon, Charles Robinson, Max Rosenak, and Aaron Weiner
Produced by Marine Theater Company
Coyotes evading police. Billboards predicting the end of the world. It’s been a strange day at the office and it’s only 9am. This beautiful “slice of life” ensemble play explores the relationships we take most for granted – those with whom we work every day.
Runs thru March 27th, Marin Theatre Company (Mill Valley)

God Of Carnage
Written by Yasmina Reza
Directed by Argo Thomson
Performed by Melissa Claire, Heather Gordon, Ron Severdia and Nick Sholley
Produced by Left Edge Theatre
A playground altercation between eleven-year-old boys brings together two sets of Brooklyn parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed, but as the meeting progresses and the rum flows, tensions emerge and the gloves come off, leaving the couples with more than just their liberal principles in tatters.
Runs March 18th-April 2nd, Wells Fargo Center (Santa Rosa) 

Stories By Emma Donoghue and Colm Toibin: Night Vision & Silence
Written by Emma Donoghue and Colm Toibin
Directed by Becca Wolff and Jim Cave
Performed by Roselyn Hallett, Anne Blunt, Stephanie Hunt, Patricia Silver, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Richard Farrell, Rudy Guerrero, and Robert Sicular
Produced by Z Space
Emma Donoghue’s “Night Vision”, from The Woman Who Gave Birth To Rabbits, tells of young, blind Frances Browne who thrived on education when it was allowed her, and whose determination made her one of Ireland’s most renowned poets.
In “Silence”, from The Empty Family, Tóibín recreates the story of the transient and intense love-affair between Lady Gregory and the young poet Wilfrid Scawen Blunt. Their affair was secret, but partially revealed in the love-poems she gave him to publish as his own work. Her self-containment and reserved passion are impressively imagined: women’s interior lives are one of Tóibín’s great strengths. These stories combine to provide an evening showing the power of the word, the thirst for learning, and the profound desire to create.
Runs thru April 3rd, Z Below (SF)

The Realistic Joneses
Written by Will Eno
Directed by Loretta Greco
Performed by Rebecca Watson, Allison Jean White, Rod Gnapp and James Wagner
Produced by American Conservatory Theater
In this comedy, what seems like a series of routine encounters between American neighbors becomes a captivating look at how impossible it is for words to fully capture feeling, and how miraculous it is for human beings to truly know each other.
Runs thru April 3rd, ACT’s Geary Theater (SF)

The BoxCutter Series: “Never Never”, “Soothsayer”, and “Cyprus, Sin, and Care”
Written by Alexandra Petri, Cat Crowley, and Alandra Hileman
Directed by Carlos Mendoza, Sydney Painter, and Emma Nichols
Produced by The Breadbox
Alexandra Petri’s “Never Never”, A covert support group for dangerous deviants insists upon total abstention, but never is an awfully long time.
Cat Crowley’s “Soothsayer”, After a shattering loss, a man is seduced by promises of the supernatural and sinks his savings into psychic intervention.
Alandra Hileman’s “Cyprus, Sin, and Care”, The divisions between family and Gothic romance blur as Poe, a promising poet, marries his teenage cousin.
Runs March 25th-April 9th, Exit Stage Left (SF)

The Wong Street Journal 
Written and Performed by Kristina Wong
Directed by Emily Mendelsohn
Produced by Brava Theatre Center
Wong tells the story of how she as a not-so-white savior, became a hip hop star in Northern Uganda. Wong combines self-skewering personal narrative with a hilarious interrogation of America’s legacy on the rest of the world. 
Only 3 Shows! April 7th-9th , Brava Theatre (SF)

Too Much, Too Much, Too Many
Written by Meghan Kennedy
Directed by Nancy McClymont
Performed by Mary Price Moore, Kelly Battcher, Felix Abidor, and W. Scott Whisler
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
A compelling new drama about the walls we build to protect our hearts––and deciding when it’s time to break them down.
Runs March 25th-April 10th, Dragon Theatre (Redwood City)

On Clover Road
Written by Steven Dietz
Directed by Susi Damilano
Performed by Sally Dana, Rachel Goldberg, Nancy Kimball, Adam Elder and Michael Storm
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
How far can you push the bonds of family—and how far will you go to bring them back?
Runs March 23rd-April 16th, ACT’s The Rueff (SF) 

BRIDGE Culminating Project
Written and Performed by Lydia Raag
Directed by Brian Livingston
Produced by FoolsFURY Theater
A play about emotionally handicapped gay demons.
Only 3 Shows! April 15th & 16th, Intersection for the Arts (SF)

One For All: A Solo Artists Festival
Written and Performed by Linda Ayres-Frederick, Unique Derrique, Carolyn Doyle, Marga Gomez, Amy Kilgard, Margery Kreitman, Rachel LePell, Ann Randolph, and Josh Kornbluth
Directed by Emily Mendelsohn
Produced by Douglas Morrisson Theatre
Celebrating the amazing diversity of solo performers in the Bay Area
Runs April 8th-17th, Douglas Morrisson Theatre (Hayward)

The Quality of Life
Written by Jane Anderson
Directed by Michael Shipley
Performed by Richard Aiello, Laura-Jane Bailey, Josiah Polhemus and Valerie Weak
Produced by Phoenix Arts Association
Set in the Berkeley hills after a devastating fire, the play explores ideas of love, loss, and letting go.
Runs April 8th-17th, Phoenix Theatre (SF)

Blackberry Winter
Written by Steve Yockey
Directed by Jonathan Williams
Performed by Amy Resnick, Sara Wagner, and Jacob Garcia
Produced by Capital Stage Company
Vivienne Avery is in no way prepared for her mother’s slide into the grip of dementia.
Runs thru April 17th, Capital Stage (Sacramento) 

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters (Now Moving To Berkeley!)
Written and Performed by Echo Brown
Directed by David Ford
Produced by The Marsh
Echo Brown is about to lose her virginity to a hipster she met on Craigslist
Runs thru April 23th, The Marsh (Berkeley)

Written by Will Eno
Directed by Brian Katz
Performed by Cary Rose, Ashley Cowan, Jean Forsman, Catherine Luedtke, Jessica Rudholm, Gabriella Jarvie, Fred Pitts, Justin Gillman, Neil Higgins, Rowan Rivers, Malcolm Rodgers, and Ted Zoldan
Produced by Custom Made Theatre Company
It is a wry, human portrait of a town with two lives, one ordinary and visible, the other epic and mysterious.
Runs March 24th-April 23rd, Custom Made Theatre (SF) 

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
Written by San Francisco Neo-Futurists
Performed by Jessie Alsop, Katharine Chin, Olivia Kingsley, Amy Langer, Margaret McCarthy, Will Caldwell, Adam Smith, Siyu Song, Ryan Patrick Welsh, and Steven Westdahl
Produced by San Francisco Neo-Futurists
An ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes.
Runs thru April 30th, SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts (SF) 

The How And The Why 
Written by Sarah Treem
Directed by Joy Carlin
Performed by Martha Brigham and Nancy Carlin
Produced by Aurora Theatre Company
More than science is at stake when two women of different generations clash over what it means to be female.
Runs thru May 8th, Aurora: Harry’s Upstage (Berkeley)



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