WWSF hosted our 37th Meetup event with an outing to see The Mechanics of Love a world premiere by playwright Dipika Guha, directed by Jessa Brie Moreno and produced by Crowded Fire Theater. The play is a ‘heightened and heart-breaking comedy about the laws that govern love, the physics of choosing a spouse, and and the miracle of what endures’.

Women artists working on the production include: Jessa Brie Moreno (director), Luisa Frasconi and Lauren Spencer (actors), and Deanna Zibello, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Beth Hersh and Miranda Herman (designers)

If you saw the show with the WWSF Meetup group or on your own, please leave a comment and share your thoughts about the work.

Mechanics of Love


3 responses to “MEETUP #37: MECHANICS OF LOVE

  1. I was very delighted to see a play with such a unique and interesting voice and perspective! The characters seemed to be familiar tropes, but painted with different colors – Faizi the no-nonsense wife, Francesca the manic pixie, but both having kicked their way out of those boxes into a broader spectrum of emotion and experience. I saw two actors I know – Luisa Frasconi and Lauren Spencer – doing new things, working differently, and living in the complex and changing emotions of their characters. At times, I felt like I was experiencing a piece of music with multiple time signatures – within the reactive moments of a single character – Jessa Moreno has a strong understanding of the needs of a script like this – transitions flowed beautifully throughout. Of course having a fluid lighting design (Beth Hersh) and a multi leveled (or multi framed?) set (Deanna L. Zibello) contribute to this immensely! Keiko Shimosato’s costumes hinted at the fictional Eastern European country we were in – from the ‘feminist’ jacket to the striped mechanic’s coat to Faizi’s workout wear. Many congratulations to the Crowded Fire leadership team (Mina Morita and Tiffany Coughran) for giving us Dipika Guha’s work in full production.

  2. It’s no surprise that the talented women artists from Crowded Fire have successfully staged another complex and compelling contemporary play. As Valerie detailed above, every artistic choice in this production from performances to design to transitions was impeccably crafted. I also loved how the style of the production walked a razor’s edge between comedy, drama and absurdism.

  3. I think my favorite thing about this production was the ‘razor’s edge’ that you’re talking about Christine! The style was incredibly original, and hard to pin down.

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