February Shows To See


Crowded Fire Theater Presents Mechanics Of Love by Dipika Guha performing at the Thick House

Mechanics of Love
Written by Dipika Guha
Directed by Jessa Brie Moreno
Performed by Luisa Frasconi, Lauren Spencer, Carl Holvick, and Damien Seperi
Produced by Crowded Fire Theater Company
A man who forgets everything falls in love with a ballerina who forgets nothing, that is until she falls in love with him. And his wife. And their mechanic. Characters frolic through life in this pirouette of a play–a wild romp about how we love, who we choose, and the cost of making sense of it all.
Runs thru March 12th, Thick House (SF)
*Join the WWSF Meetup Group in seeing the show on Thu 2/25 @ 8pm for a 40% discount

Bad Dates
Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Molly Noble
Performed by Jennifer King
Produced by Cinnabar Theater
This charming and slyly sweet one-woman play offers a hilariously journey of self-discovery.
Runs thru February 21st, Cinnabar Theater (Petaluma)

3 Girls Theatre Salon Reading Series
Written by 3 Girls Theatre Resident and Associate Playwrights
Produced by 3 Girls Theatre Company
Each reading takes place on the third Sunday of the month at 2 pm at private homes and special venues throughout the Bay Area. It’s a unique, insider way to participate in the experience of getting plays from page to stage.
Runs thru February 21st, Private Home (Marin)

Tigers Be Still
Written by Kim Rosenstock
Directed by Virginia Drake
Performed by Melissa Weinstein, Akemi Okamura, Sean Okuniewicz, and Keith Marshall
Produced by City Lights Theater Company
In this comedy a woman returns home after receiving her degree, and stays in bed until a job arises.
Runs thru February 21st, City Lights Theater (SF)

Pas De Quatre
Written by Margery Fairchild
Performed by Christy Crowley, Kristen Dwyer, Katherine Otis, Courtney Russell, and Eric Kerr
Produced by Dark Porch Theatre
What makes a classical ballet? Is it the set? Is it the steps? Or is it the women who dance it? With dance and drama, in Pas de Quatre, Margery Fairchild (The In Betweens, Eleanore) goes behind the tulle and inside the pointe shoes to explore what happens between the ballet and the ballerina, and how this wordless art form changes its viewers and its practitioners alike.
Runs thru February 27th, Exit Theatre (SF)
*Discount Code for WWSF members and readers: DPTdiscount16
Discount: $10 off per ticket ( for $15 ticket)

Tinderella, the Modern Musical
Written by Rose Oser
Performed by Marisa Conroy, Audrey Baker, Weston Scott, Alex Bonte, and Kevin Singer
Produced by FaultLine Theater
The year is 2016 and Meg is just another young woman looking for #love. With a little help from her fairy god-roommate, Meg builds up the courage to download Tinder. She swipes right on her ultimate prince charming, and it’s a match! But will Meg’s fairytale dream pan out? Will she be able to leave the party by midnight to catch BART? Will she lose a shoe or two? Come see Tinderella, an original musical, to find out if modern dreams really do come true.
Runs thru February 27th, FaultLine Theater (SF)

Love and Information
Written by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Benjamn T. Ismail
Produced by Capital Stage Company
From award-winning playwright Caryl Churchill comes an acclaimed new play that takes a close look at the Information Age and how its data inspired obsessions, FaceTime conversations, and celebrity selfies threaten to replace human contact.
Runs thru February 28th, Capital Stage Company (Sacramento)

U.S. Drag
Written by Gina Gionfriddo
Directed by Noelle Gibbs
Performed by Elizabeth Frederick, Olivia Haas, Maria Costello, Lauren Hayes, Josiah Frampton, William Gaoiran, Peter Juarez, and Jeremy Ryan
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
Two young women in Manhattan are trying to figure out life after college.
Runs thru February 28th, Dragon Productions Theatre Company (Redwood City)

Sagittarius Ponderosa
Written by MJ Kaufman
Directed by Ben Randle
Performed by Janis DeLucia, Michaela Greelay, SK Kerastas, Andy Collins, and Matthew Hannon
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre
Archer (still Angela to his family) returns home to eastern Oregon to care for his dying father
Runs thru February 28th, NCTC: Walker Theatre (SF)

Miss Behave’s Game Show
Produced by Miss Behave’s Game Show
From the Olivier Award winning host, Miss Behave, and her glamorous assistant, comes a Lo-Fi Audience-Centric Bag of Fun. Bring your phone, you’ll need it! The International late night smash hit show comes to San Francisco for a limited run!
Runs thru March 5th, The Great Star Theater (SF)

Written by Katharine Sherman
Directed by Rob Melrose
Performed by Jessica Waldman, Danielle O’Hare, Molly Benson, Marilet Martinez, and Kenny Troll
Produced by Cutting Ball Theater
Ondine, a water sprite, finds love on land but when she fears that her knight has abandoned her, in a lonely fit of thoughtless and regrettable passion, she issues a curse: sleep will bring him death. When the lovers are reunited, Ondine is forced to face her grave mistake. How long can the two stave off the siren’s song of slumber? Is their shared dream destined to turn nightmarish?
Runs thru March 6th, EXIT on Taylor (SF)

The Clean House
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Erin Merritt
Performed by Shelley Johnson, Suzie Shepard, Laura Espino, Annette Oliveira, and Mark Manske
Produced by Contra Costa Civic Theatre
This theatrical and wildly funny play is a whimsical and poignant look at class, comedy, and the true nature of love.
Runs thru March 6th, Contra Costa Civic Theatre (El Cerrito)

The Colored Museum
Written by George C. Wolfe
Directed by Velina Brown, Peter Callender, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, Michael Gene Sullivan
Produced by African-American Shakespeare Company
THE COLORED MUSEUM redefines our ideas of what it means to be black in contemporary America as the various exhibits depicts old and new stereotypes.
Runs thru March 6th, Buriel Clay Theater (SF)

Arches, Balance and Light
Written by Mary Spletter
Directed by Jay Manley
Performed by Ellen Brooks, Anastasia Bonaccorso, Caroline Scippa, Robin Schild, and John Simpson
Produced by Ross Valley Players
Combining fact and fiction, the piece explores an encounter between the spinster Julia Morgan and a woman who wants to know whether Julia is her mother. The answer helps us understand the daunting hurdles Miss Morgan overcame to become the architect and designer of more than 700 buildings, including Hearst Castle.
Runs thru March 6th, Barn Theater (Ross)

Bridges, a new musical
Written by Elizabeth McKoy, Cheryl L. Davis, and Douglas J. Cohen
Directed by Karen Altree Piemme
Performed by Nandi Drayton, Janelle LaSalle, Dana Lewenthal, Amanda King, Kaylamay Suarez, Mia Ashley, Melissa Martinez, Berwick Haynes, Joshua Marx, Sam Jackson, Anthony Rollins-Mullens, Barry Martin, Phillip Williams, Scottie Woodard, Charles People, III, Maurice Andre Sanchez, and Branden Thomas
Produced by Berkeley Playhouse
BRIDGES explores our past and our present, how far we have come and how far we still have to go.
Runs thru March 6th, Julia Morgan Theatre (Berkeley)

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
Written by San Francisco Neo-Futurists
Performed by Jessie Alsop, Katharine Chin, Olivia Kingsley, Amy Langer, Margaret McCarthy, Adam Smith, Siyu Song, Ryan Patrick Welsh, and Steven Westdahl
Produced by San Francisco Neo-Futurists
An ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes.
Runs thru March 12th, SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts (SF)

Date Night at Pet Emergency
Written by Lisa Rothman
Directed by David Ford
Performed by Lisa Rothman
Produced by The Marsh
Ever since having a second baby, Lisa and Kevin have been fighting over sippy cups, fruit salad, and impenetrable origami instructions. Now Kevin is storming around the emergency pet clinic ranting about vet bills and wondering how a dog can possibly overdose on antibiotics. Lisa doesn’t know what to do – but does know this is the worst date night ever
Runs thru March 26th, The Marsh (Berkeley)

Word for Word presents “Silence” and other stories
Written by Emma Donoghue and Colm Toibin
Directed by Becca Wolff and Jim Cave
Produced by Z Space
This charming and slyly sweet one-woman play offers a hilariously journey of self-discovery.
Runs thru April 3rd, Z Space (SF)


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