See FLASHPlays Tonight!

Flash header.png

40+ Local Playwrights • 80+ Micro Plays
an Evening of Ferociously Fast Theater

A Community Benefit for Playwrights Foundation
TONIGHT! Monday 12/7 @ 8pm

Brava Theater Center San Francisco

Playwrights Foundation is delivering lightning in a bottle with FlashPlays, a lively new format of 30 second to 2 minute plays. These short works come together forming an artistic mosaic of the here and now, a depiction the world around us in a fun and dynamic format.

There are a ton of women involved in this show which also features the work of these awesome female playwrights: Aimee Suzara, Alison Luterman, Amy Sass, Arisa White, Barbara Jwanouskos, Brit Frazier, Carol Lashof, Dipika Guha, E. H. Benedict, Elizabeth Gjelten, E. Hunter Spreen, Evelyn Jean Pine, Geetha Reddy, Joan Holden, Karen Macklin, Lauren Gunderson, Lisa Ramirez, Madeline Mahrer, Madeline Puccioni, Megan Cohen, Michaela Goldhaber, Patricia Milton, Rachel Bublitz, Roberta D’Alois, and Tracy Held Potter and also the work some amazing male playwrights too!

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