December Shows to See

Top row: Emma Rose Shelton, Sara Wright, and Rachel Rockwood Bottom Row: Jess Mele, Leah Shesky, Kate Jones, and Meredith Terry in PianoFight's The Naughty List: A Very Chardonnay Best-Of Show

Top row: Emma Rose Shelton, Sara Wright, and Rachel Rockwood Bottom Row: Jess Mele, Leah Shesky, Kate Jones, and Meredith Terry in PianoFight’s The Naughty List: A Very Chardonnay Best-Of Show

Sarah Shelton Mann: Erasing Time
Created by Sarah Shelton
Produced by Yerba Buena Center of the Arts
First retrospective of Sara Shelton Mann’s catalytic body of work.
Runs thru December 5th, Yerba Buena Center of the Arts (SF)

Bright Half Life CLOSING SOON!
Written by Tanya Barfield
Directed by Jessica Holt
Performed by Sarah Hayon and Lisa Ann Porter
Produced by Magic Theatre
Vibrant love-story that follows Erica and Vicky through the big and small moments of their relationship.
Runs thru December 6th, ACT’s Strand Theater (SF)
* See the post about WWSF’s Meetup event experience at this show here.

The Monster-Builder CLOSING SOON!
Written by Amy Freed
Directed by Art Manke
Performed by Nancy Carlin, Tracy Hazas, Sierra Jolene, Danny Scheie, Rod Gnapp, and Thomas Gorrebeeck
Produced by Aurora Theater Company
An absurdly funny, viciously smart new comedy by Pulitzer Prize finalist Amy Freed.
Runs thru December 6th, Aurora Theater (Berkeley)

Written by KJ Sanchez and Emily Ackerman
Directed by Lindsay Krumbein
Performed by the Gritty City Repertory Ensemble
A multi-media docudrama exploring the relationships between Marines and the civilians they must contend with and relate to when they come home.
Runs December 3rd-12th, Flight Deck Theatre (Oakland)
* Two for one tickets for military, veterans, or military families with code “Vets2”

In Love and Warcraft
Written by Mudhuri Shekar
Directed by James Nelson
Performed by Monica Ho, Laura espino, Amanda Farbstein, Ed Berkeley, Sal Mattos, and Drew Reitz
Produced by Custom Made Theatre Co.
Evie is one of the best WoW players in the world, but can she beat the final boss: herself?
Runs thru December 12th, Custom Made Theatre (SF)

Sheherezade’s Last Tales
Written by Madeleine Butler, Carol S. Lashof, Lorraine Midanik, Patricia L. Morin, Steven Hill, Vaughn, Bill Hyatt, and Rod McFadden
Performed by Alexandrai Bond, Amber Glasgo, Miyoko Sakatani, Louel Senores, AJ Davenport, Rick Homan, & Brian Levi
Produced by Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco
PCSF presents its showcase of short plays by member playwrights, performed by an ensemble cast.
Runs thru December 12th, Exit Stage Left Theater (SF)

Velveteen Rabbit
Directed & Choreographed by KT Nelson
Produced by ODC
ODC/Dance enlivens Margery Williams’ classic tale of a well-worn nursery rabbit that becomes real.
Runs thru December 13th, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (SF)

Written by Sarah Gubbins
Directed by Becca Wolff
Performed by Desiree Rogers, Sarah Coykendall, Kimberly Ridgeway, Nick Mandracchia, and Jaq Nguyen Victor
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center
Two lesbian couples get together for a dinner party, and unexpected pregnancy news rocks both houses.
Runs thru December 13th, ODC Theater (SF)
* Special 25% discount for WWSF readers with code “WorksbyWomen” – redeem online or by calling box office at 415-861-8972.

Featuring Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
Produced by DIVAfest
A monthly cabaret of local burlesque acts.
3rd Saturday of the Month thru December 19th, Exit Cafe (SF)

The Naughty List: A Very Chardonnay Best of Show
Created by: Chardonnay Comedy
Performed by Meredith Terry, Sarah, Wright-Schreiberg, Emma Shelton, Jessica Mele, Kate Jones, Rachel Rockwood, and Leah Shesky
Produced by PianoFight
Got sidewalk Santa anxiety? Decreased interest in playing dreidel? Could you give two turtle doves about holiday events you used to enjoy? Give festivity fatigue the boot with this palette-cleansing show.
Runs thru December 19th, PianoFight Theater (SF)

The Horse’s Ass and Friends
Written by Megan Cohen
Directed by Ellery Schaar
Performed by Marlene Yarosh, Indiia Wilmott, Katharine Otis, Evan Johnson, Christy Crowley, Danielle Gray, Becky Raeta, and Ryan Hayes
Produced by Repurposed Theatre
A hilarious postmodern vaudeville act with two women spending a fleet forty minutes taking turns being the (horses) butt of the joke.
Runs thru December 19th, EXIT Theater (SF)

Dead Dog’s Bone
Written by Veronica Tijoe
Directed by Emma Nicholls
Performed by Noelle Vinas, Teri Whipple, Samantha Cubias, Michelle Navarrete, Andrew Chung, and Scott Van de Mark
Produced by FaultLine Theater
Juniper’s house is being sold, Dog is sick, and—oh!—it’s Christmas time too.
Runs thru December 19th, PianoFight (SF)

Little Women The Musical
Written by Louisa May Alcott, Mindi Dickstein, Allan Knee, and Jason Howland
Directed by Michella Snider, Thomas Chapman, and Jim Coleman
Performed by Madison Genovese, Kailey Hewitt, Catt John, Tina Meals, Rebekah Pearson, Tariq Malik, Karen Pinomaki, Sean O’Brian, Tim Setzer, and Dwayne Stincelli.
Produced by Spreckels Theater Company
Musical version of Louisa May Alcott’s classic story set in the 1860s.
Runs thru December 20th, Spreckels Performing Arts Center (Rohnert Park)

Cinderella – A Family Holiday Panto!
Directed by Patricia Miller
Performed by Juliana Lustenader, Peggy Leggs, Afi Ayanna, Juliana Frick, Sophie Knox Miller, Jason Brock, Shoresh Alaudini, Sam Bertken, Ryan Engstorm, J Jha, and Ben Latham
Produced by Pollinator Arts and Panto SF
An affordable family holiday panto in the playful British tradition.
Runs from December 18th thru 20th, @ Navato Theater Company (Novato)
December 24th thru January 3rd, @Marines’ Memorial Theatre (SF)

Stage Kiss
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Susi Damilano
Performed by Carrie Paff, Millie DeBenedet, Taylor Jones, Katie Nix, Laurel Scotland-Stewart, Gabe Marin, Allen Darby, Robert Faltisco, Sam Kim, Mark Phillips, and Michael Sullivan
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
Art imitates life imitates art. And the dance continues.
Runs thru January 9th, San Francisco Playhouse (SF)


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