November Shows To See

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Sarah Coykendall, Desiree Rogers, Jaq Nguyen Victor, Kimberly Ridgeway. In The Kid Thing performing at the New Conservatory Theater. Photo by Lois Tema.

Mechanics of Love (Staged Reading)
Written by Dipika Guha
Directed by Beth Wilmurt
Produced by Shotgun Players
A man who forgets everything falls in love with a ballerina who forgets nothing, that is until she falls in love with him. And his wife. And the mechanic. This rapidly moving, madcap new comedy explores how we love, who we choose, and the cost of making sense of it all.
Runs thru November 10th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)

Crowded Fire’s 2015 Matchbox Series
Writers Presented Michelle Carter, E. Hunter Spreen, Marisela Trevino Orta, and Guillermo Calderon
Directed by M. Graham Smith, Susannah Martin, Mina Morita, and Sarah Rose Leonard
Produced by Crowded Fire Theater
Committed to diversifying the canon of contemporary plays, Crowded Fire champions playwrights whose work offers a vital contribution to the American theater landscape. These Stage Readings are free and open to the public.
Runs thru November 14th, Crowded Fire Theater (SF)

The Rover
Written by Aphra Behn
Directed by M. Graham Smith
Performed by Siobhan Doherty, Caitlyn Louchard, Lauren Spencer, Elissa Stebbins, Justin Gillman, Jeremy Kahn, Alexander Lydon, and Dan Saski
Produced by Shotgun Players
Written by Aphra Behn in 1677, “The Rover” is a comic romp with an edge.
Runs thru November 14th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)

Arctic Requiem: the story of Luke Cole and Kivalina
Written by Sharmon J. Hilfinger and Joan McMillen
Directed by Tracy Ward
Performed by Gendell Hing-Hernandez, Joan McMillen, Helen Newby, Lawrence Radecker, Cathleen Riddley, Lynne Soffer, Damon Sperber, and Michael Torres
Produced by Bootstrap Theater Foundation
True story of the first climate change refugees in the U.S. and a San Francisco lawyer’s response.
Runs thru November 15th, Z Below (SF)

Broken Knife
Written by 13th Floor
Directed by Jenny McAllister & Natalie Greene
Performed by Jenny McAllister, Julie Mahony, Nicole Nastari, Kat Cole, Anna Greenberg, Becky Robinson-Leviton, Jennifer Wright, Blane Ashby, Colin Epstein, Zach Fischer, David Silpa, and Stephen Fambro
Produced by 13th Floor Dance Theater
A darkly comic modern myth inspired by the art and dialog of graphic novels.
Runs thru November 15th, ODC Theater (SF)

Shotgun Players Salon: “I’m not clever, just push” Feminism in Shotgun Players’ Season of Women Playwrights
Produced by Shotgun Players
Great food, strong drinks, and scintillating conversation! Facilitated by Shotgun Players’ company of artists.
Runs thru November 17th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)

Nerd Nation
Written by Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
Produced by DIVAfest
“Nerd Nation” is the story of Dhaya’s journey to challenge the mainstream narrative about nerds.
Runs thru November 21st, Pear Theater (Mountain View)

Whoa-Man! A Musical
Written by Maya Lane
Performed by Allegra Misonznick-Davidson, Amelia Van Brunt, Courtney Cavagnero, Janelle La Riza, Lucas reshi, Dyon Lain, Jasper Patterson, and Bobby Barnaby
Produced by Fou Fou Ha! San Francisco’s Cartoon Cabaret Ensemble and Shelton Theater
A dynamic and edgy musical about women in society filled with colorful neo-Vaudevillian antics.
Runs thru November 21st, Shelton Theater (SF)

Written and Performed by Marga Gomez
Produced by BRAVA! for Women in the Arts
Pound—a new show from the award winning Marga Gomez!
Runs thru November 22nd!, Brava Theatre (SF)

Ada and the Memory Engine
Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Gary Graves
Performed by Kathryn Zdan, Jan Zvaifer, Kevin Clarke, and Josh Schell
Produced by Central Works
A new play about Ada Lovelace (1815-1852): countess, metaphysician… computer programmer!
Runs thru November 22nd, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley)

Written by Nina Raine
Directed by Troy Johnson
Performed by Morgan Dyley, Kendall Callaghan, Jackie O’Keefe, Grege Anderson, Jarrod Pirtle, and Dan Roach
Produced by Pear Theater
Witty and poignant drama about how we communicate—or don’t—beyond language.
Runs thru November 22nd, Pear Theater (Mountain View)
**There will be two ASL interpreted performances on November 8th & 12th

Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Argo Thompson
Performed by Rose Roberts, Veronica Valencia,  Devon McConnell, Ron Severdia, and Jacob de Heer
Produced by Left Edge Theatre
Four young novelists take private writing classes with a recklessly brilliant instructor.
Runs thru November 28th, Wells Fargo Center (Santa Rosa)

Having Cancer Is Hilarious
Written and Performed by Megan Timpane
Produced by The Marsh
A story about a 22-year-old actress who finds out she has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
Runs thru November 28th, The Marsh (SF)

The Monster-Builder
Written by Amy Freed
Directed by Art Manke
Performed by Nancy Carlin, Tracy Hazas, Sierra Jolene, Danny Scheie, Rod Gnapp, and Thomas Gorrebeeck
Produced by Aurora Theater Company
An absurdly funny, viciously smart new comedy by Pulitzer Prize finalist Amy Freed.
Runs thru December 6th, Aurora Theater (Berkeley)

Bright Half Life
Written by Tanya Barfield
Directed by Jessica Holt
Performed by Sarah Hayon and Lisa Ann Porter
Produced by Magic Theatre
The big and small moments in a long term inter-racial lesbian relationship.
Runs thru December 6th, ACT’s Strand Theater (SF)

**Works by Women SF will see Bright Half Life on Nov 15th, 2:30pm.  For info on the meetup and discounted tickets go here.

In Love and Warcraft
Written by Mudhuri Shekar
Directed by James Nelson
Performed by Monica Ho, Laura espino, Amanda Farbstein, Ed Berkeley, Sal Mattos, and Drew Reitz
Produced by Custom Made Theatre Co.
Evie is one of the best WoW players in the world, but can she beat the final boss: herself?
Runs thru December 12th, Custom Made Theatre (SF)

The Kid Thing
Written by Sarah Gubbins
Directed by Becca Wolff
Performed by Desiree Rogers, Sarah Coykendall, Kimberly Ridgeway, Jaq Nguyen Victor, and Nick Mandracchia
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center
Two lesbian couples get together for a dinner party, and unexpected pregnancy news rocks both houses.
Runs thru December 13th, ODC Theater (SF)

Featuring Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
Produced by DIVAfest
A monthly cabaret of local burlesque acts.
3rd Saturday of the Month thru December 19th, Exit Cafe (SF)

Stage Kiss
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Susi Damilano
Performed by Carrie Paff, Millie DeBenedet, Taylor Jones, Katie Nix, Laurel Scotland-Stewart, Gabe Marin, Allen Darby, Robert Faltisco, Sam Kim, Mark Phillips, and Michael Sullivan
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
Art imitates life imitates art. And the dance continues.
Runs thru January 9th, San Francisco Playhouse (SF)


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