Meetup #35: Ragged Wing’s Through the Wall


For our 35th meetup, we attended Through the Wall created by Oakland based Ragged Wing Ensemble, a recipient of the International Center for Women Playwrights 50/50 Applause Award for their 14/15 season.

Described as ‘a bedtime story from the other side’,  this project combines installations throughout the Flight Deck space with an hour long sit down performance.  and features these women artists: Sango Tajima (Writer), Cecilia Palmtag (co-director), Addie Ulrey (co-director).  Additional women artists on the creative team include: Lisa Drostova, Allison Fenner, Curtavia Gill, Tamika Heard, Raven Hinojosa, Mary Matabor, Alanna Mickles, Michele Owen, Emmy Pierce, Anna Shneiderman, Marlene Tobias and Puja Tolton.


If you saw the show with WWSF or on your own, please leave a comment to let the artists involved know what you thought!  Next Meetup Event is Magic Theatre’s Bright Half Life by Tanya Barfield on Sunday 11/15 at 2:30pm.

6 responses to “Meetup #35: Ragged Wing’s Through the Wall

  1. Come see A Bright Half Life” at the Magic but performed at Rueff at Strand. Two women cast, female playwright, female director..

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    • Lisa! That’s our planned meetup for November – we’ll be there on Nov 15th. The link for tickets and details is towards the top of this page on the left!!

  2. This was an excellently spooky welcome to the fall season. I appreciated the installations in the space prior to the show as a unique way to get into the show’s world. I was impressed by several elements of the show’s design – Raven Hinojosa’s costumes, not only clearly delineated the characters, but also featured some creepy/beautiful effects of pregnancies appearing and disappearing in seconds. The strongest moments of the show for me were all in the ensemble work – group singing, those paper plate faces, and the blond hair (brush brush brush!) I know Ragged Wing has a strong ensemble aesthetic and company structure. Fantastic to see Youth Ensemble members and Apprentices sharing the stage with the company’s Core members and Associate Artists.

  3. I was impressed with how seemless the show was given that 4 writers created it together! It was clear that the writers were writing for the company, because every role and every performer were extremely well matched, and I had the sense that performers had participated in the development process in a deep way. All the characterizations were strong and compelling, but I particularly loved Lisa Drostova’s rendition of a possessed landlady. The visual and physical work that Ragged Wing is known for was on clear display – many memorable design moments including how objects and people came and went through the wall. I enjoyed the opportunity to view the visual art installation a second time with fresh perspective from the play after the show.

  4. Oh my, thank you–especially Christine–possessed landlady is way outside anything I’ve done before, it’s been very interesting! We were so glad to have you all there!

    I just want to mention that the expanding belly effect is actually something the ensemble figured out a few years ago for Time Sensitive, and Abra Berman was the original costumer to execute it. But I do love Raven’s costumes for this, and she’s been a huge help on the makeup front, she’s taught us all how to “haggardize” ourselves over the course of the show.

    • Thanks Lisa! And thanks for helping give credit to Abra Berman! Another fantastic Bay Area costume designer! I’ve looked more closely through my program and realized that some of the installation art was made by cast members of the show – exciting to see artists who are able to express themselves both through visual/installation art and theater!

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