October Shows to See

Elizabeth Curtis as Lizzie, Jessica Coker as Emma, Taylor Jones as Alice and Melissa Reinertson as Bridget in Lizzie the Musical performing at the Victoria Theatre. (Photo by Erik Scanlon)

Through the Wall
Written by Anthony Clarvoe, Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Sango Tajima, and Davern Wright
Directed by Cecilia Palmtag and Addie Ulrey
Performed by Lisa Drostova, Allison Fenner, Curtavia Gill, Mary Matabor, Alanna Mickles, Michele Owen, Emmy Pierce, and Puja Tolton
Produced by Ragged Wing Ensemble
The veil between the living and the dead is lifted, sending chills through the sternest of spines.
Runs October 25th thru November 7th, The Flight Deck (SF)
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Jo Kreiter: Needles to Thread
Choreographed by Jo Kreiter
Performed by Marina Fukushima, Marystarr Hope, Yayoi Kambara, Megan Lowe, Karla Quintera, Quilet Rarang, and Alayna Stroud
Produced by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Choreographer and aerial site­-artist Jo Kreiter presents an off the ground dance production.
Runs thru October 10th, Continuum Alley (SF)

We Wait in the Darkness
Choreographed and Performed by Rosy Simas
Produced by ODC Theater
2015 Guggenheim Fellow Rosy Simas’ new work explores DNA memory and the lives of Seneca women.
Runs thru October 10th, ODC Theater (SF)

Tenderly: the Rosemary Clooney Musical
Written by Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman
Directed by Jenny Sullivan
Performed by Lynda DiVito and Mark Farrell
Produced by Dean Lesher Center for the Arts
Choreographer and aerial site­-artist Jo Kreiter presents an off the ground dance production.
Runs thru October 10th, Dean Lesher Center for the Arts (Walnut Creek)

Written by JC Lee
Directed by Mina Morita
Performed by Monica Ho, Lily Tung Crystal, Greg Ayers, and Leon Goertzen
Produced by Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company
Ancient Japanese myths collide with blunt contemporary humor in a poignant story about love and art.
Runs thru October 11th, at NOHspace (SF)

Homeward Bound
Written by Cathy Spielberger Cassetta
Directed by Cathy Cassetta
Performed by Chloe Allen, Sarah Dorsey, Emily Goes, Ginger Hurley, Joyce Taylor, and Ashley Wilson
Produced by Tabard Theatre Company
Follow 6 orphaned girls in 1910 on their journey from NYC to homes out West, incl. SF & San Jose.
Runs thru October 11th, Theatre on San Pedro Square (San Jose)

Written by Tim Maner, Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, and Alan Stevens Hewitt
Directed by Eliza Leoni
Performed by Elizabeth Curtis, Jessica Coker, Taylor Jones, and Melissa Reinertson
Produced by Ray of Light Theatre
America’s favorite axe-wielding murderess comes to the ROLT stage for a rocking Bay Area premiere.
Runs thru October 17th, Victoria Theatre (SF)

Moments of Truth
Written by Caroline Altman and Patricia Milton
Directed by Louis Parnell
Performed by Bekka Fink, Danielle Thys, Tyler McKenna, and Douglas Giorgis
Produced by 3Girls Theatre Company
A floundering marriage. A scandalous interloper. A lie detector. What could go wrong?
Runs thru October 18th, Royce Gallery (SF)

Choreographed by Risa Jaroslow, Laura Arrington, and Katie Faulkner
Produced by ODC Theatre
West Coast premiere of choreographer Jaroslow’s Resist/Surrender, exploring the meaning of maleness.
Runs October 15th thru October 18th, ODC Theater (SF)

Stop Kiss
Written by Diana Don
Directed by Roy Conboy
Produced by SFSU Theatre Arts
Diana Son elaborates on the depths of human emotion and compassion in this play.
Runs thru October 18th, SFSU Little Theatre (SF)

Truck Stop
Written by Lachlan Philpott
Directed by Marilee Talkington
Performed by Jamie Asdorian, Jessica Caroll, Chelsea Looy, and Jeri Cohen
Produced by Crowded Fire Theater
Gut-punch of a play that shines the headlights on sex, gender and growing up in the digital age.
Runs thru October 24th, Thick House (SF)

Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter
Written by Julie Marie Myatt
Directed by Wendy Wisely
Produced by Titian Lish/ Las Positas College Department of Theater
The story of a wayward soldier’s unexpected journey through Slab City.
Runs thru October 24th, Barbara Mertes Center for the Arts (Livermore)

Written by Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by Vera Sloan
Performed by Kathryn Han, Naomi Evens, Doll Piccotto, and Michael rice
Produced by Dragon Productions Theatre Company
A fictional peek into the true story of Aphra Behn.
Runs thru October 25th, Dragon Theatre (Redwood City)

Written by Evelina Fernandez and Teatro Vision
Directed by Rodrigo Garcia
Produced by Teatro Vision
A one-of-a-kind theatrical adaptation of a classic Mexican novel and award-winning film.
Runs October 15th thru October 25th, Mexican Heritage Theatre (San Jose)

Spaghetti Monologues
Written and Performed by Edna Mira Raia, Amelia Van Brunt, and Christina Linksey
Produced by Little Boxes Theater
Women swimming in irreverence of deities, homages to the past, transport gone wrong, complications of love and lust, relatable predicaments and sauce – lots of sauce. Comedy, drama and burlesque: the weirdest meal you’ll ever experience!
Runs One Night Only on October 27th, Little Boxes Theater (SF)

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters (Extended!!)
Written and Performed by Echo Brown
Directed by David Ford
Produced by The Marsh
Echo Brown is about to lose her virginity to a hipster she met on Craigslist
Runs Thursdays and Saturdays thru October 29th, The Marsh (SF)

Loveland and Inappropriate in All the Right Ways
Written and Performed by Ann Randolph
Directed by Joshua Townshend Zeller
Produced by The Marsh
Loveland: Irreverent oddball Frannie Potts is trapped on a plane as she travels to attend a funeral.
Inappropriate: Ann Randolph’s inspiring Ted-style performance on her own life story.
Loveland Runs thru October 17th, The Marsh (SF)
Inappropriate in All the Right Ways Runs thru November 1st, The Marsh (SF)

The Rover
Written by Aphra Behn
Directed by M. Graham Smith
Performed by Siobhan Doherty, Caitlyn Louchard, Lauren Spencer, Elissa Stebbins, Justin Gillman, Jeremy Kahn, Alexander Lydon, and Dan Saski
Produced by Shotgun Players
Written by Aphra Behn in 1677, “The Rover” is a comic romp with an edge.
Runs thru November 14th, Ashby Stage (Berkeley)

Written and Performed by Marga Gomez
Produced by BRAVA! for Women in the Arts
Pound—a new show from the award winning Marga Gomez!
Runs October 15th thru November 15th, Brava Theatre (SF)

Arctic Requiem: the story of Luke Cole and Kivalina
Written by Sharmon J. Hilfinger and Joan McMillen
Directed by Tracy Ward
Performed by Gendell Hing-Hernandez, Joan McMillen, Helen Newby, Lawrence Radecker, Cathleen Riddley, Lynne Soffer, Damon Sperber, and Michael Torres
Produced by Bootstrap Theater Foundation
True story of the first climate change refugees in the U.S. and a San Francisco lawyer’s response.
Runs October 23rd thru November 15th, Z Below (SF)

Whoa-Man! A Musical
Written by Maya Lane
Performed by Allegra Misonznick-Davidson, Amelia Van Brunt, Courtney Cavagnero, Janelle La Riza, Lucas reshi, Dyon Lain, Jasper Patterson, and Bobby Barnaby
Produced by Fou Fou Ha! San Francisco’s Cartoon Cabaret Ensemble and Shelton Theater
A dynamic and edgy musical about women in society filled with colorful neo-Vaudevillian antics.
Runs thru November 21st, Shelton Theater (SF)

Ada and the Memory Engine
Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Gary Graves
Performed by Kathryn Zdan, Jan Zvaifer, Kevin Clarke, and Josh Schell
Produced by Central Works
A new play about Ada Lovelace (1815-1852): countess, metaphysician… computer programmer!
Runs October 17th thru November 22nd, Berkeley City Club (Berkeley)

Having Cancer Is Hilarious
Written and Performed by Megan Timpane
Produced by The Marsh
A story about a 22-year-old actress who finds out she has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
Runs thru November 28th, The Marsh (SF)

Featuring Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
Produced by DIVAfest
A monthly cabaret of local burlesque acts.
3rd Saturday of the Month thru December 19th, Exit Cafe (SF)


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