September Shows to See

Flight attendant Sam (r, Rebecca Dines*) and Beth (l, Jamie Jones*) to join her for a night on the town in Aurora Theatre Company’s Bay Area Premiere of Mud Blue Sky

Flight attendant Sam (r, Rebecca Dines*) and Beth (l, Jamie Jones*) to join her for a night on the town in Aurora Theatre Company’s Bay Area Premiere of Mud Blue Sky

1, 2, 3
Written by Lila Rose Kaplan
Directed by Lauren English
Featuring Jessica Bates, Tristen Cunningham, Devan Shacket, and Jeremy Khan
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
“1 2 3” is a dark, funny drama about a rift between sisters and what it takes to grow up.
Extended thru September 5th, Tides Theater (SF)

ReOrient Festival
Written by Yussef El Guindi, Silva Semerciyan, Hannah Khalil, Emma Goldman-Sherman, Hassan Abdulrazzak, Ken Kaissar, Nahal Navidar, Tala Mannassah, and Mona Mansour
Directed by Evren Odcikin, Erin Gilley, Manijeh Mohamedi, Michael French, Sarah Razavi
Produced by Golden Thread Productions
Festival of innovative, spirited, and thought-provoking theatre from and about the Middle East.
Runs thru September 10th thru October 4th, Z Below (SF)

Written by Lizi Latimer
Directed by Emily Brown
Featuring Lauren Giebetz and Paige Mayes 
Produced by Faultline Theatre
In “BedPlay,” the safest place poses the biggest risk—between the sheets of a bed full of memories.
Runs thru September 12th, PianoFight (SF)

Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Erika Chong Shuch
Featuring Megan Trout, Jeannine Anderson, Beth Wilmurt, James Carpenter, Kenny Toll, Nils Frykdahl, and Peter Griggs
Produced by Shotgun Players
Ruhl’s tenderhearted love story of Eurydice and Orpheus explores “the pleasures & pains of memory.”
Runs thru September 20th, Ashby Stage (East Bay)

By The Way, Meet Vera Stark
Written by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Dawn Monique Williams
Featuring Kelly Strickland, Alicia Von Kugelgen, Shani Harris-Bagwell, Jia Taylor, Gene Mocsy, Evan Sokol, and Khary Moye
A biting new comedy about racial stereotyping in Hollywood.
Runs thru September 20th, Douglas Morrisson Theatre (East Bay)

In Plain Sight
Written by Lee Brady, Carol Lashof, Kat meads, Patricia Reynoso, Mimu Tsuijimura
Featuring Alicia Bales, Sharon Huff, Alexandra Lee, Ria Meer, Suzanne Vito, Louel Senores, and Ed Berkely
In Plain Sight is an anthology of original short plays offering new perspectives on classic stories.
Runs September 4th thru 20th, Metal Shop Theatre (East Bay)

San Francisco Fringe Festival
Runs September 11th thru 26th, EXIT Theatre and other venues (SF)
The 2015 San Francisco Fringe Festival will present 150 performances by 34 Indie theater companies September 11 through September 26. Tickets are low cost (no more than $12 at the door or $14.99 online in advance).

Earth, Body, Home
Created by Amara Tabor-Smith
Directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang
A multimedia dance theater piece inspired by the life and work of Ana Mendieta.
Runs September 24th thru 26th, ODC (SF)

Mud Blue Sky
Written by Marisa Wegrzyn
Directed by Tom Ross
Featuring Jamie Jones, Laura Jane Bailey, Rebecca Dines, and Devin O’Brien
A wickedly funny comedy about how small kindnesses inspire us to grab onto life before it flies by.
Runs thru September 27th, Aurora Theatre (East Bay)

Romeo and Juliet
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Rebecca Ennals
Featuring Lauren Spencer, Carla Pantoja, Regina Morones, Gwen Loeb,Valerie Weak, Kate Wackowski, Sydney Schwindt, Mark Meixell, Ian Wilcox, Mohammad Shehata, Phil Lowery, Michael J. Asberry,  David E. Moore, Sean Robert Garahan Gregory, Carl Holvick
Produced by San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
This remarkable play soars to the heights of romantic comedy before plunging into heartbreak.
Runs thru September 27th, Bay Area Public Parks

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters (Extended!!)
Written and Performed by Echo Brown
Directed by David Ford
Produced by The Marsh
Echo Brown is about to lose her virginity to a hipster she met on Craigslist
Runs Thursdays and Saturdays thru October 29th, The Marsh (SF)

Loveland & Inappropriate in All the Right Ways
Written and Performed by Ann Randolph
Directed by Joshua Townshend Zeller
Produced by The Marsh
Loveland: Irreverent oddball Frannie Potts is trapped on a plane as she travels to attend a funeral.
Inappropriate: Ann Randolph’s inspiring Ted-style performance on her own life story.
Runs September 12th thru October 25th, The Marsh (SF)

Having Cancer is Hilarious
Written and Performed by Megan Timpane
Produced by The Marsh
A story about a 22-year-old actress who finds out she has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
Runs September 17th thru November 28th, The Marsh (SF)

DIVA or Die
Featuring Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
Produced by DIVAfest
A monthly cabaret of local burlesque acts.
3rd Saturday of the Month (except September) thru December 19th, Exit Cafe (SF)

One response to “September Shows to See

  1. Thanks, Christine!
    Caroline Altman and I have written a new musical comedy about two women artists: “Moments of Truth,” which is being produced by 3Girls Theatre at Royce Gallery in SF. The cast includes Bekka Fink and Danielle Thys (member, AEA). Stage Manager is Tanya Telson, and costume designer is Abra Berman. In its draft form, it was a finalist for the national Women in Arts and Media Collaboration Award. It opens September 19, and plays Thu-Sun through October 18, 2015. Tickets and info:

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