August Shows to See

Salome, Dance For Me. Trixxie Carr. (Photo by Lois Tema)

Salome, Dance For Me. Trixxie Carr. (Photo by Lois Tema)

I Saw It!
By Wily West Writing Team
Directed by Ariel Craft
Featuring Samantha Behr, Colleen Egan, Katrina Lara Kroetch, Genevieve Perdue, Susannah Wood, Jason Jeremy, Kyle McReddie, & Richard Wenzel
Produced by Wily West Productions
A mysterious event tears through SF, leaving the residents to figure out what happened.
Runs thru August 7th, Exit Theatre

By George Brant
Directed by Lyndsey Burch
Featuring Alicia Hunt
Produced by B Street Theater
The story of a fighter pilot whose career in the sky is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy.
Runs thru August 8th, B Street Theater

Top Girls
By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Delia MacDougall
Featuring Kendra Oberhauser, Jessma Evans, Danielle Cain, Rosie Hallett, Karen Offereins, Aily Roper, and Leontyne Mbele-Mbong
Produced by Shotgun Players
Marlene is out to celebrate her big promotion at work.  And she’s earned it.
Extended thru August 9th, Shotgun Players

Love and Information
Written by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Casey Stangl
Featuring Cindy Goldfield, Christina Liang, Sharon Lockwood, Domenique Salerno, mia tagano, Shona Tucker, Joel Bernard, Anthony Fusco, Dan Hiatt, Joe Holt, Rafael Jordan, Leo Marks
Produced by American Conservatory Theatre
A series of short vignettes that explore how information impacts our relationships and inner lives.
Runs thru August 9th, The Strand (San Francisco)
See WWSF’s Meetup post for more info about this show.

By Carol S. Lashof
Directed by Rem Myers
Featuring Anne Hallinan, Kelly Rinehart, Valerie Weak, & Gabriel Kenny
Produced by Those Women Productions
Where is the line between memory and truth, pleasure and transgression, love and the abuse of power? Who decides?
Runs thru August 29th, PianoFight
*JOIN the WWSF MEETUP on Thursday, August 20th at 7:00pm.  Get your tickets here!

By Evangeline Crittenden & Nick Rattray
Directed by Evangeline Crittenden
Featuring Derricka Smith, Jessica Coker, Charles Lewis III, David Schiller, Morgan Jade Booker & Josh Theis
Produced by Fish Songs Live!
An electronic musical fairytale about slut-shaming..
Runs thru August 29th, The Phoenix Theatre

Salome, Dance For Me
By Trixxie Carr
Directed by Ben Randle
Featuring Trixxie Carr
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center
A lecherous king. A savage & sensual dance. A shockingly macabre reward. Just hold on to your head.
Runs thru August 29th, New Conservatory Theater Center

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters (Extended!!)
Written and performed by Echo Brown
Directed by David Ford
Produced by The Marsh
Echo Brown is about to lose her virginity to a hipster she met on Craigslist
Runs thru September 3rd, The Marsh (San Francisco)

1, 2, 3
By Lila Rose Kaplan
Directed by Lauren English
Featuring Jessica Bates, Tristen Cunningham, Devan Shacket, and Jeremy Khan
Produced by San Francisco Playhouse
“1 2 3” is a dark, funny drama about a rift between sisters and what it takes to grow up.
Extended thru September 5th, Tides Theater

Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Rebecca Ennals
Featuring Lauren Spencer, Carla Pantoja, Regina Morones, Gwen Loeb, Valerie Weak, Kate Wackowski, Sydney Schwindt, Mark Meixell, Ian Wilcox, Mohammad Shehata, Phil Lowery, Michael J. Asberry,  David E. Moore, Sean Robert Garahan Gregory, Carl Holvick
Produced by San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
This remarkable play soars to the heights of romantic comedy before plunging into heartbreak.
Runs thru September 27th, Bay Area Public Parks

DIVA or Die
Featuring Red Velvet & If-N’-Whendy
Produced by DIVAfest
A monthly cabaret of local burlesque acts.
Extended thru December 19th, Exit Cafe

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  1. Heading into tech for Disclosure today! I’m really looking forward to having the WWSF group at the meetup on Aug 20th

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