This Week in Feminist Theater (5/23-5/29)

This Week in Feminist Theater is a news round-up curated by Christine Young (creator of WWSF). If you have news or shows to see that should be included please send details to


TBA Launches Gender Parity Flag
(reposted from TBA website)
Theatre Bay Area is pleased to announce that, as a result of the diligent work of the Gender Parity Advisory Committee, and in response to a field-wide movement to recognize theatres that exemplify gender parity in their work, TBA’s “What’s Playing” listings will now highlight Bay Area theatrical productions that observe gender parity.

Listings for theatre productions that meet the GP criteria listed below will display an easy-to-spot Gender Parity flag (see image at right). We feel that this will provide a valuable service to both theatregoers who want to see and support women artists and theatre companies that deserve recognition in this area.

Visitors to TBA’s “What’s Playing” listings will be now able to search for productions bearing the Gender Parity flag, in addition to “TBA Awards Recommended” and “Discounted TIX Available” designations.

Theatre productions displaying the Gender Parity flag must meet two of the following 4 criteria:

Writer: 50% or more of writers are female or female-identified. This category includes a production’s playwright, composer, lyricist, translator, adaptor, librettist, source author.

Director: 50% or more of directors are female or female-identified. This category includes a production’s director, music director, choreographer.

Design team: 50% or more of design team are female or female-identified. This category includes a production’s costume designer, set designer, lighting designer, props designer, sound designer, specialties designers (mask/wig/makeup/effects/projections), fight choreographer

Performers: 50% or more of performers are female or female-identified. This category includes a production’s actors, dancers, musicians, singers.

AEA: In addition, if the company employs members of Actors’ Equity/AEA, 50% or more of AEA contracts go to performers who are female or female identified.

The Gender Parity flag can be set by producers at the time they enter their show listings, or can be set by Theatre Bay Area’s listings editor at the request of individuals posting qualifying productions.


Statera Foundation Hosts Inaugural Conference
Based in Cedar City Utah, the Statera Foundation (whose name comes from the Latin word for balance) serves women in theater by “expanding employment options, improving salary, and removing barriers to growth and achievement through mentorship, internship, research, outreach, networking, and support to empower them to reach their full potential by bridging the gap between passion, preparation, and opportunity.”  The foundation is hosting its first conference July 31st – August 2nd, bringing together theater-makers from around the country who are interested in supporting women in theater.  The conference will feature a keynote speech by Mary McColl, Executive Director of Actor’s Equity Association.  Learn more about the conference here.

The New Black Fest Commissions Women
From Broadway World: “In the tradition of Facing Our Truth: Short Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege and HANDS UP: 6 Playwrights, 6 Testaments, The New Black Fest (guest curator playwright Dominique Morisseau) will commission five black women playwrights to write short plays entitled UN-TAMED: HAIR BODY ATTITUDE – Short Plays by Black Women. The playwrights include Cori Thomas, Nikkole Salter, Chisa Hutchinson, Lenelle Moise and Jocelyn Bioh.

The aim of UN-TAMED is to participate and dig deeper into the national conversation around black womanhood and social perceptions of black femininity while providing black women a creative platform to personalize these issues. The Martin Segal Theatre at CUNY Graduate Center will present UN-TAMED in October 2015.”

Shows to See
Heart Shaped Nebula (WWSF MEETUP!)
Written by Marisela Treviño Orta
Directed by Desdemona Chiang
Featuring Gisela Feied, Marilet Martinez, and Hugo Carbajal
Produced by Shotgun Players
An exploration of the mysteries of the universe and the human heart.
Runs thru June 14th, Ashby Stage
* Join the WWSF Meetup group and see the show on Friday, June 12th for a discounted rate!

Hella Love Oakland
Written by Robin Lynn Rodriguez
Directed by Rebecca Novick
Featuring Lizzie Calogero, Safiya Fredericks, Lisa Morse
Produced by Playground
Can a conscientious mother choose between raising awareness and raising her kids?
Runs thru June 13th, Thick House

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
By Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Steve Boyle
Featuring Sara Renee Morris, Max Sorg, Laura Espino, Jacob Marker
Produced by City Lights Theater
Can an night of reenacted scenes from their past save the marriage of Nan and her abusive husband?
Runs thru June 14th, City Lights Theater

The Yellow Wallpaper
Adapted by Gary Graves from novel by Charlotte Perkins Gillman
Directed by Jan Zvaifler
Featuring Elena Wright and Cybèle D’Ambrosio
Produced by Central Works
A haunting tale of a Victorian woman’s descent into madness, adapted from the classic short story.
Runs thru June 21st, Berkeley City Club

Twelfth Night
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Christopher Moore
Featuring Julie Eccles, Lisa Anne Porter, Catherine Castellanos, Margo Hall, Domenique Lozano, Rami Margron, Stacy Ross and Ted Deasy
Produced by California Shakespeare Theatre
Shakespeare’s comic masterpiece of mistaken identity.
Runs thru June 21st, Berkeley City Club

5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche
Written by Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood
Produced by Tides Theatre
Outrageous feminist comedy set in Cold War Era
Runs thru July 11th, Tides Theatre

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