Meetup #30: Lauren Yee’s Hookman

hookmanFor 30th Meetup, WWSF headed to Z Below to see Hookman, an existential slasher comedy by Lauren Yee, directed by Becca Wolff, produced by Encore Theatre Company and ZSpace.

It’s freshman year of college and Lexi’s life is falling apart.  Ever since the mysterious death of her high school best friend, Lexi has found herself stalked by a tall, dark, hook-handed stranger who has been seriously cramping her style.  In this existential slasher comedy, Lexi learns what it means to grow up – and it’s not pretty.

Women artists on  the project include: Lauren Yee (playwright), Becca Wolff (director), Taylor Jones (cast), Sarah Matthes (cast), Katherine Chin (cast), Ally Roper (cast), Jessica Lynn Carroll (cast, AEA member), Christina Hogan (stage manager, AEA member), Amber Bryant (asst. stage manager), Sophia Knox-Miller (production asst.), Piper V. Ferguson (costume design), Devon LaBelle (props design), and Lisa Steindler (artistic director, Z Space, co-artistic director, Encore)

If you saw the show with WWSF or own your own, leave a comment and let the artists involved know what you thought about their work.

6 responses to “Meetup #30: Lauren Yee’s Hookman

  1. There were so many interesting and topical themes and ideas running through this script – distractedness (I thought you said your phone died – one of my favorite moments of the night, along with the many mentions of Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking), acquaintence rape and it’s prevalence on college campuses. The question/topic that I wished I’d gotten more of was the idea of safety, especially as it pertains to women. Who keeps us safe? Can we keep ourselves safe? Is it possible for women to protect/save other women?
    All my kudos to the design team on this project for working together on the blood effects – I never saw the mechanics of the blood, just the gore. No one is listed as ‘blood specialist’ but Devon LaBelle is credited with props/FX so I’m guessing the bulk of this work fell to her.
    Director Becca Wolf has cast this play with several amazing young and new to me actors who do a great job highlighting the rhythm and nuance in Lauren Yee’s script.

    • Yes, Valerie! I did the blood effects. It was a wonderful experience and if anyone has any questions or thoughts about it I would love to share. Working with Becca and the folks at Encore on this piece has been a wonderful experience.

    • Yes Valerie! I did do the blood effects on this one. If anyone has thoughts or questions about it I would love to share. Working with Becca and the folks at Encore on this piece has been a lovely experience.

  2. It was a pleasure to finally get to see a production of one of San Francisco wunderkind Lauren Yee’s plays. The structure of the play intrigued me – both the repetition with revision of key scenes and the way elements of the horror genre served as a metaphor for the impact of back-to-back traumas (a sexual assault and a car accident) on a young woman’s psyche. I’m not a fan of horror, so I was a little leary about attending the show, but the blood and gore were effectively incorporated and more suggested than explicit. I agree with Valerie that the blood effects were very impressive! Equally inspiring was the clever origami set designed by James Faerron. I also loved that the car headlights really worked! Performances were strong across the board, and I appreciated the pacing and punch of Becca Wolff’s staging. The play left me with more questions than answers, but also a compelling sense that I had just experienced “21st century storytelling” (to borrow a phrase from Anne Bogart’s recent Humana Festival speech.) Yee’s play feels like it captures many nuances of Millennial women’s experience of the world but was also compelling to this 40-something woman.

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