Meetup #29: Patricia Milton’s Enemies: Foreign and Domestic


For our 28th Meetup event, Works by Women San Francisco attended our first show at Central Works Theater Company.  Written by local playwright (and WWSF member!) Patricia MiltonEnemies: Foreign and Domestic  is a “darkly comic intersection of foreign ‘black ops’ and family politics.  When the rebel among three odd sisters returns home to reconcile with her estranged mother, cultures clash, sibling rivalries erupt, and bombs start falling.”

Women working on the production include actors Maura Halloran, Desirée Rogers, Danielle Thys*, and Jan Zvaifler; Vanessa Ramos (Stage Manager), Tammy Berlin (Costume Design), and Debbie Shelley (Prop Design).


Theater Storm critic Charles Kruger writes: “For its author, the prolific Patricia Milton, it marks a leap forward into the big leagues. Highly recommended.”

The show runs Thursdays thru Sundays until March 29th.  Get tickets here.

If you saw the show with the WWSF Meetup Group or on your own, leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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