Meetup #28: Catherine Treischmann’s Crooked

20150223__Crooked-0226~1The Works by Women San Francisco Meetup Group was pleased to visit Virago Theatre for the first time at the inspiring Flight Deck space in Oakland.  The production was the Bay Area premiere of Catherine Trieschmann’s Crooked, a hilarious and searing play about sexual questioning, spirituality, and what it means to embrace both. 14 year old Laney arrives in Oxford, Mississippi with a twisted back, a mother in crisis and a burning desire to be a writer. Meeting Maribel, a fervent believer in the power of Jesus Christ, brings on intense, rapturous feelings that aren’t just from finding the lord.

Crooked PosterWomen working on the production include: Jamella Cross (Laney), Angela Dant (Elise), Isadora Cross (Maribel), Tyler Barnes (u/s), Elle Ghini (Lighting Designer), Brooke Jennings (Costume Designer), Rebecca Castelli (Dialect Coach), Lisa Bush Finn (Choreography), Kelly Conley (Producer; Props Designer; Managing Director), Laura Lundy-Paine (Artistic Director).

From Sam Hurwitt’s San Jose Mercury News review: “the play is both funny and disturbing, layered with cruelty and tenderness, wrenching anxiety and marvelous turns of phrase.”

If you saw the play with WWSF or on your own, leave a comment and share your perspective about the work.

Next Meetup is Patricia Milton’s Enemies: Foreign and Domestic at Central Works on Sunday, 3/15 at 5pm.  To buy your ticket, go to and use discount code “WbyW” for a $22 ticket (plus $2.25 service charge.)

03.01.15 Crooked Photo

3 responses to “Meetup #28: Catherine Treischmann’s Crooked

  1. Watching Virago Theatre’s production of Crooked, I was struck by how powerful the love of girls is, and also by how seldom it is represented onstage. Jamella Cross (Laney) effectively captured the 360 degree passion one girl can feel for another girl – a passion that is born of the need to be recognized as a full human being, one who has value and worth apart from her family, her circumstances or her youth. I also loved Treischmann’s honest treatment of the mother/daughter relationship – the dialogue between Laney and her mother Elise (played by Angela Dant) was full of nuanced love and treacherous negotiation – Treischmann captured how hard it is to be a teenager (one minute wanting to cuddle with Mama and the next wanting total autonomy) and how difficult it is to parent one (alternatively being viewed as your child’s saint and then as her personal devil!) I hope to see the other Treischmann play onstage right now – How the World Began at Custom Made Theatre) and that we’ll see more of her work in the Bay Area soon.

  2. So happy to finally see a Trieschmann play in production!! The writing is fantastic. Like Christine, I love the mother/daughter relationship – it seems very true to life for a relationship between a parent and a teenager. The script also had some great monologues, and fantastic scenes for teenage girls that I know I’ll be using in future teaching projects.

  3. Like Christine and Valerie, I’m excited that we have two plays by Catherine Trieschmann playing in the Bay Area. I was lucky to see her “How the World Began” when I was at Playwrights Horizons in NYC, and I highly recommend it. Both plays represent high-stakes collisions between secular intellectuals and passionately faithful Christians and do so with great respect and understanding for radically divergent points of view. Also like Christine and Valerie, I loved the portrait of the relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter in Virago’s production of Crooked. Angela Dant and Jamella Cross bring the depth and complexity of the characters richly to life.

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