Counting Actors Project – September Statistics

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The Counting Actors Project is managed by Bay Area actor Valerie Weak, and began in June 2011 on her own blog. Works by Women San Francisco began hosting the project in February 2014.  The archive of all past posts can be found here

General information about the project, as well as selection criteria for shows and a show submission form are here

September 2014

September Stats

September’s count includes 14 shows, bringing the total shows counted by the project to 479 shows.  Here are the stats:

Playwrights = 19; 5 women and 14 men.

Directors = 18; 11 women and 7 men.

Union Actors = 57; 25 women and 32 men.

Non-Union Actors = 61; 27 women and 34 men.

Total Actors = 118; 52 women and 66 men; 57 Union and 61 Non Union; 105 Local and 13 Non-Local.

Shows included in the April count:

  • Just Desserts (Those Women Productions)
  • New Electric Ballroom (Shotgun Players)
  • Cock (New Conservatory Theatre Center)
  • Life Could Be a Dream (Center REP Theatre Company), Note: 2 directors are director and music director. Director is also writer of book. Only book writer included because the songs for this musical are all 1950’s doo-wop classics by a variety of writers.
  • Rapture Blister Burn (Aurora Theatre Company)
  • As You Like It (Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival), Note: majority of this cast are student actors enrolled in a class at Napa Valley Community College, but company also includes paid union and non-union actors.
  • Old Hats (American Conservatory Theater), Note: 1 F understudy and 3 Male musicians not counted; 2 male performers are performer/creator so credited as writers and 1 f performer credited as music director so also has director credit (along w/director).
  • The Late Wedding (Crowded Fire)
  • Bad Jews (Magic Theatre)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream (California Shakespeare Theater) Note: Female actors in roles of Bottom and Snout
  • An Audience with Meow Meow (Berkeley Rep), Note: 4 musicians – 3m,1f not included in this
  • Flower Drum Song (Woodminster Summer Theater), Note: male director, male music director,3 male writers, book, lyrics, music
  • FSM (Stagebridge), Note: female director, male music director, female writer, male writers for music and lyrics. 1 male writer is also music director, so counted twice.
  • Fire Work (TheatreFIRST)

A hearty thank you to the people who contributed show info this month.  They are audience members, cast members, and directors, including Deb Fink, Erin Merritt, Susan Shay, Aaron Wilton, Megan Killian, Uttam, Sofia Ahmad, Matt Weimer, Radhika Rao, Anne Hallinan, Karen Thomson Hall and Michael Barrett Austin.

Please share these numbers with your friends and colleagues and use them to start conversations, whether that’s on social media or in the green room, or with your fellow audience members.  If you’re seeing or working on a show with October performances, go here to learn how to share the info with the project.  With our online form, It takes just a few minutes!

Statistics for October will go up between November 1st and November 5th.  Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support of the project.

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