9/19: This Week in Feminist Theater


2014 50/50 Applause Award Winners Announced

The International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) have announced 2014’s 50/50 Applause Awards. This spring, ICWP invited the public to nominate theatres that had produced the work of women playwrights throughout the world. This year’s winners come from nine countries. The list includes theatres in Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States, and there are fourteen repeat recipients who have demonstrated gender parity in more than one season.

WWSF extends hearty congratulations to all the winners, with special kudos to the Bay Area recipients: Alter Theater, Crowded Fire, Golden Thread Productions, TheatreFIRST, and Playground. Three cheers!

Study Finds Persistent Off-Broadway Gender Gap

The League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW) has released a report on the percentages of women playwrights, directors and other professionals in Off-Broadway productions over the past four seasons (2010-2011 through 2013-2014) and found a persistent gender gap. The LPTW analyzed 355 productions by 22 theater companies that consistently produce Off-Broadway shows. Maybe unsurprisingly, off-stage jobs was mostly male dominated. However, there’s some heartening news: majority of stage managers are women.

Click on the link for a detailed breakdown.

Shows to See

The Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Rebecca J. Ennals

Welcome to Renaissance-era Padua, Italy, where two very unconventional people meet, fight, and finally fall in love – but not before a feast of wit and outrageous physical comedy. The Taming of the Shrew features plenty of Shakespearean twists, hilarious clowns and ridiculous disguises, along with a subversive and challenging love story. Who is the bigger Shrew? You decide!

A FREE professional theater production in a beautiful park setting! At the McLaren Park (Jerry Garcia Amphitheater), this weekend (9/20-9/21).

Stage Reading: Wolf at the Door

In Marisela Orta’s dark farily tale, Isadora finds the strength to stand up to her abusive husband Septimo when he forces the very pregnant Yolot to stay against her will. While Septimo makes plans for the baby, Isadora and Yolot devise one of their own. As a pack of wolves closes in on the hacienda, Isadora must decide what price she’ll pay for her own freedom.

Free Admission, 9/23

FSM: Stagebridge

Written by local legend Joan Holden
Directed by Erin Merritt

FSM explores the 1964 Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley as lived then and seen now by participants on all sides, just in time for its 50th anniversary.

At Brava (9/20-9/21) and Berkeley Rep (9/27-9/28)

The Haze

A new solo play by Heather Marlowe
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

An enthralling, sharp-witted, and autobiographical story about the aftermath of being drugged and raped while attending San Francisco’s annual Bay to Breakers event, Marlowe’s piece has already generated local and national attention for the issues it raises about how rape cases are handled even in enlightened cities like San Francisco. The play comes at a moment when Congress is expected to approve funding to examine untested DNA evidence from rape kits held by state and local police departments across the country.

Runs through 9/27

Maurgerite to Maya Angelou: A Moment in Prose

In this workshop of N’Jameh Camara’s one woman play, “Marguerite to Maya Angelou: a moment in prose” we follow a young woman as she struggles to form her identity by battling the trials, traumas and tribulations of her past and witness how these battles guide her to the empowered path that allowed her to emerge as the inspirational leader she was.

Two shows for the price of on, only on 9/27

War Circus (after Euripides’ The Trojan Women)

The Imaginists investigate Euripides’ The Trojan Women  to re-imagine a new world. What if you had to perform your tragedy over and over for thousands of years so that history would not be repeated? What if it was repeated anyway? Would you start to resent having to perform your role? From out of the past come the archetypal women of Troy: Helen, the beauty, Cassandra, the truth-teller, Hecuba, the matriarch, Andromache, the rock, Polyxena, the future, and the Women of the Chorus, the time-travelers.

10 minutes before showtime available seats may be purchased at a Pay What You Can price.

Runs through 9/28

Rapture, Blister, Burn

Directed by Desdemona Chiang
Lead: Marilee Talkington

Can any woman really have it all? After grad school, Gwen built a family, Catherine a career. Twenty years later, each thinks the other chose a better life! Feminism takes a sharp look at itself in this hilarious new comedy from Gina Gionfriddo, author of Becky Shaw.

Don’t miss the lively discussion going on at our Meetup recap post – great opinions from some of the women artists we deeply respect!

Also, Aurora Theatre has graciously offered to keep the Wfw5off code active (5$ off ticket price) for remaining performances, exclusively for the WWSF community!

Runs through 9/28

The New Electric Ballroom

Written by Enda Walsh
Directed by Barbara Damashek

Sisters Breda, Clara, and Ada are trapped within their memories of the New Electric Ballroom. It was the time of their lives… or was it? Playwright Enda Walsh, author of the Tony-Award winning musical Once, creates a brash, darkly humorous, and disturbing tale of sisters determined to live in the past – until the youngest upsets the balance of their delicate world.

Runs Wed through Sun, through 10/5


Written by Marga Gomez

In her tenth solo play LOVEBIRDS, acclaimed performer Marga Gomez portrays a crew of incurable romantics as they chase their hearts’ desires – into the night, through decades, and to insane lengths.

Runs Fri-Sat, through 10/18

Fire Work

Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Mina Morita

Fire Work is a present day romantic comedy set in a place where the conflict between social conformity and individual freedom turns deadly serious. Ben meets Ana in her father’s retail fireworks shop and the sparks quickly fly between the two. But when a bomb goes off in their town, the young lovers wrestle with their new adulthood and the problems that arise in a war-torn city.

Special offer for WWSF: Use discount code “works” for 10$ off on the ticket.

Runs Fri-Sun, through 10/19

 Image courtesy Classicalite

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  1. Want to point out that WWSF has held meetups at 4 of the 5 local companies receiving the ICWP Applause Award. We saw The River Bride at Alter Theater, 410 {Gone} at Crowded Fire, Orlando at TheatreFirst, and our very first meetup was to see ReOrient 2012 at Golden Thread. Congratulations to all of these companies!!

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