Counting Actors Project – August Statistics

The Counting Actors Project is created and managed by Bay Area actor Valerie Weak, and began in June 2011. It’s been hosted by Works by Women San Francisco since February 2014. The archive of past posts is available on the Works by Women San Francisco website and can be accessed here.

To submit statistics for the project using our online submission form and also to learn more about selection criteria, please go here.

August 2014

August’s count includes 12 shows, bringing the total shows counted by the project to 465 shows. Here are the stats:

August Stats

Playwrights = 14; 2 women and 12 men.

Directors = 14; 5 women and 9 men.

Union Actors = 49; 17 women and 32 men.

Non-Union Actors = 117; 50 women and 67 men.

Total Actors = 166; 67 women and 99 men; 49 Union and 117 Non Union; 159 Local and 7 Non-Local.

Shows included in the August count:

  • Taming of the Shrew (San Francisco Shakespeare Festival) Note: male/female co-director team for this show
  • Fetch Clay, Make Man (Marin Theatre Company) Note: a co-production with Maryland’s Roundhouse Theater
  • The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Aluminous Collective)
  • Jitney (Multi-Ethnic Theater Company & Custom Made)
  • Water by the Spoonful (TheatreWorks)
  • Romeo & Juliet, As You Like It, An Ideal Husband (Marin Shakespeare Company) note: Marin Shakes casting includes intern company members, some of whom are included in non-local actor category
  • Pleiades (No Nude Men Productions)
  • Catch Me If You Can (Woodminster Summer Musicals) Note: male director, male music director, male book writer, male music/lyrics writer, and another male lyrics writer
  • From Red to Black (SF Playhouse)
  • Pygmalion (California Shakespeare Theater)

Much gratitude and thanks to the audience members, cast members and artistic staff who took a few minutes to send an email with show info, including Kelly Ground, Sharon Huff Robinson, Teddy Spencer, Fontana Butterfield Guzman, Kat Zdan, Rebecca Ennals, Roberta D’Alois, Michael Shipley, Cat Luedtke and Anna Ishida.

Please share these numbers and use them to start conversations, whether that’s on social media or in the green room. If you’re seeing or working on a show with September performances, go here to learn how to share the info with the project on our online submission form. It takes 5 minutes!

Statistics for September will go up between October 1st and October 5th.

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