7/11 – This Week in Feminist Theater


Controversy at The Women’s Project

I’m usually slow to catch on to the latest thing.  In case you are too, here’s some info about one of the biggest pots that has been simmering in feminist theater news over the past two weeks.  On 6/26, Arts Administrator Howard Sherman posted “Under-The-Radar Transition at Women’s Project” posted about the fact that Artistic Producing Director Julie Crosby’s name had been removed from the masthead of NYC-based Women’s Project Theater and about the curious way this leadership change wasn’t announced, suggesting that Crosby may have been ousted and that her departure might have included a majority of the organizations advisory board.  A petition asking the Women’s Project board of directors to resign has been circulating through social media, and On July 1st, Howlround’s Polly Carl conducted a carefully worded but nonetheless deeply revealing interview with Crosby that links her unwelcome exit from Women’s Project to Jill Abramson’s ouster from the New York Times.  A few days later, a Facebook petition was initiated by Crosby supporters requesting the resignation of Women’s Project board of directors.  Click here to sign the petition (they currently have 570 out of 750 needed signatures).

 Shows to See

Generation Sex

Created and performed by Teatro Luna (Chicago)
Produced as part of FuryFactory

Chicago’s all-Latina theater bares all without blushing as they explore how technology has transformed sex, love, and relationships.

$16, Fri 7/11, Sat 7/12, Sun 7/13

Hick: A Love Story

The Crackpot Crones, known for their feminist theatrics, and Theatre Rhinoceros, the nation’s premiere gay theatre, are partnering to bring a new solo play to San Francisco – HICK: A Love Story, The Romance of Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt, opens on July 10, 2014, at the Eureka Theater.

HICK: A Love Story, The Romance of Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt, explores the life of Lorena Hickok, and her love relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt (ER). Hick was the most famous woman journalist of her day and the first woman to have a byline on the front page of the NY Times.

Created and performed by Terry Baum
Directed by Carolyn Myers

Runs July 10 – 27, 2014; Thurs., Fri., Sat. 8:00 pm / Sun. 3:00 pm

Love Balm for my SpiritChild

Love Balm for My SpiritChild is a play that features the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to acts of violence. Actors perform testimonies from the mothers and grandmothers of Kenneth Harding Jr., Oscar Grant III, Kerry Baxter Jr., Christopher  LaVell Jones, Daniel Booker, Khatari Gant and others. Created by theater artist Arielle Julia Brown, Love Balm for My SpiritChild was developed at San Francisco Playhouse in early 2013 with the acting ensemble, Ayoldele Nzinga, Cat Brooks, Lisa Evans, Anna Maria Luera and dancer, Dawon Davis.

July 11-20th; Fri & Sat 8 pm Sun 3 pm


A one-woman show by Chris Black about the meaning of strength. Legendary boxer John L Sullivan—a hard drinking, five foot ten, two hundred and twenty pound Boston born Irishman who toured the US by offering to beat all comers—is the inspiration behind TOUGH, a one-woman show that asks what it means to be strong and confronts the onset of “can’t” that is every athlete’s final opponent.

Jul 24 – Aug 9

Sweet Maladies

Written By Zakiyyah Alexander
Directed by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe

Two years into Reconstruction, four girls contemplate a future and their place in the new post-slavery society. Deftly written with a sly humor, Sweet Maladies illuminates the possibilities that have existed between races since slavery’s abolition and confronts the baggage that mitgate thsoe possibilities.

Jul 18-Aug 3

Image courtesy Teatro Luna



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