Week of 5/5: Noteworthy News


Join the Theatre Bay Area Gender Parity Discussion

Following two rockin’ conference sessions led by Theatre Bay Area’s Gender Parity Committee, TBA has created a new, open group on their website where members can share techniques, resources, and ideas to put into action.  We encourage you to join the discussion.  Go to www.theatrebayarea.org, then: Community -> Find a Group -> Open Groups->Gender Parity (formerly Women. Theatre. Go.) -> Join Group!

A direct result of parity conversations, there is also an Open Group called “Parenting & Theater” where parents and caregivers in theater can connect about issues surrounding childcare and their craft, including making connections for shared childcare, childcare trades, etc. Make the most of your TBA membership!

ICWP Seeks Nominees for 50/50 Applause Award

The International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) announces the opportunity to nominate theatres for the prestigious third annual ICWP 50/50 Applause Award. The award honors theatres and artistic directors who produced at least an equal number of female playwrights in ratio to male playwrights during their 2013/14 season.

The nomination period for the 2013-2014 theatrical season runs from May 1 – 21, 2014. Criteria are listed on their web page.

Local Playwright Wins 2014 Ebell Playwright Prize

The Ebell of Los Angeles, a non-profit organization founded in 1894 by and for women, has responded to this gender inequity by resurrecting the Ebell Playwright Prize. Created in 1928, but dormant for almost a century, the goal of the Ebell Playwright Prize is an award to encourage, inspire, and celebrate our California women playwrights. The Ebell of Los Angeles is proud to announce that the winner of the 2014 Ebell Playwright Prize is Michelle Carter, for her play 20 Friends.

Women-only Theater Carving a Cultural Niche

Some heartening news from our Eastern counterparts: Rawda Abd Rabb Al-Nabi, owner of Qabas Theater Troupe, says the troupe has worked extensively with children as well as young women, asserting “our ambition was to encompass all potentials including young women who have acting talents.”

And speaking about her experience, female director Saabiha Al-Hassan said: “I took my first steps toward theater in the first women’s forum in the Social Development Committee in Sanabis. It was an idea that later turned into reality through which I strove to establish an exclusively women’s troupe.”

They do acknowledge, however that “Society and the state still have reservations regarding an exclusively women’s theater. What is painful is that the women cannot document their work in sound and picture due to customs and traditions.”

WWSF salutes the two women for their courage, honesty and willingness, and wishes them the very best. May their voice carry far and wide.

The Women of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’

Recently, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Anika Noni Rose and Sophie Okonedo, the cast of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’,  sat down in Ms. Jackson’s dressing room to talk about the show, which earned stronger reviews than Mr. Leon’s 2004 “Raisin” revival. (That production won Tonys for Phylicia Rashad and Audra McDonald in the parts now handled by Ms. Jackson and Ms. Okonedo.) Here are excerpts from that conversation.

StageSource’s Gender Parity Town Hall

StageSource, Boston presented the Defining Gender Parity Town Hall livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network on Saturday, April 26. Click the link for the video.

Post image courtesy: New York Times

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