Meetup #19: Femprov Fest ’14


From FemProv Fest ’14: “The bitchin’-est improv fest in the Bay. By women. For anyone who likes women.”

The WWSF Meetup group had a rocking time at FemProv Fest ’14, where we saw the fabulous act by The Right Now, the improv trio of Mariah Howard, Claire Slattery and Fontana Butterfield who met while part of the Leela Armando Company in San Francisco, CA. They clicked like gangbusters. In Summer 2013, the trio was formed and began its sold-out run of self-produced shows at venues across San Francisco. 

Here’s how the troupe got its name: Fontana Butterfield recounts.

We also saw a charged Shakespearean improv, (timely!) by Un-Scripted Theater and a long form improv piece by the Chick Flick ensemble.

The Maude wholeheartedly endorses FemProv Fest ’14. Here’s what Executive Producer Jill Eickmann had to say to them: “… the festival’s namesake is an homage to the ‘original all-female improv group based in San Francisco’ which trail-blazed for a decade, performing innovative improv and making the way a bit easier for comediennes that were to follow. The group didn’t have a political or feminist agenda; it was simply a group of talented improv players willing to apply the ‘trust and support’ principle to its greatest extent.”

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10177989_291581434339990_161042333961320397_nFemProv Fest showcases diverse female-identified improv ensembles, comics and sketch groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the US. They produce workshops, panels, and shows with innovative artists who are committed to increasing the visibility of women in all areas of improvised performance. FemProv Fest is proudly presented by Leela at Tides Theatre, with sponsorship support from the San Francisco Improv Festival. Female artists involved include Jill Eickmann (Executive Producer), Chrysteena Lairamore (Producer), Radhika Rao (Producer), Michel Salami (Producer and Graphic Design), and many other fantastic performers.

If you were part of the meetup, do share your thoughts and shout-outs with us!

3 responses to “Meetup #19: Femprov Fest ’14

  1. Not only was it exciting to finally see a performance by The Right Now (who are hilarious!), and to get re-acquainted with Unscripted Theater (who improvised Shakespeare with a tremendous amount of confidence), it was also fantastic to get an introduction to Chick Flick, a four improvisor ensemble who opened the evening with a long form piece. Their spacework and character commitment was excellent! Femcee Liz Green’s opening monologue detailing the Venn diagram intersection of nerds, geeks, and dorks was an additional highlight for me. Kudos to the Femprov producing team for curating an amazing festival – I wish I had time for all of it and I can’t wait for next year!

  2. I haven’t seen an improv show in a good long while, so this was a great (re)introduction to the art. Strong, funny, quirky, versatile performers who can think fast on their feet. I enjoyed it and the audience was obviously having a ball.

  3. I always love seeing shows with WWSF, it’s such a great way to see stuff I wouldn’t have come out alone to see, and it’s great to put my money where my gender-partity mouth is. This was super fun…haven’t seen an improv show in years. Everyone was so on point, brava!

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