Week of 3/31: Noteworthy News

lonely008_cast-salute_5x7SWAN Day 2014 SwanLogo2The Seventh International Support Women Artists Now/SWAN Day was celebrated on March 29, 2014, not just in the US, but in far-flung places like Australia, Bulgarian, Kenya, Russia, Italy, and Northern Island. Executive Director of Women Arts, Martha Richards, has this to say about the hugely successful seventh edition of the annual celebration of women artists: “As women and as artists, we take this troubled world in our hands and work to make it better. When we celebrate SWAN Day, we can feel the power of our joy, our commitment, and our immense collective creativity.” Here is the list of all events. Congratulations to Martha, WomenArts and all women artists who participated!

Lonely Soldiers: Women at War in Iraq

Matthew A. Everett of  Twin Cities Daily Planet reviews two plays about war stories at History Theatre in Minnesota. One of them is Helen Benedict’s non-fiction exposé,  Lonely Soldiers: Women At War In Iraq. Specifically about the “remarkable and harrowing true stories” of the women in combat, he writes: “Lonely Soldiers brings us the additional horror show that is simply seeking to serve your country in uniform if you are a woman. Your enemy is not just over there somewhere. A lot of the time, your enemy is also serving right alongside you. It’s still a man’s world in the armed forces, and a very unforgiving and brutal world it is.”

He also lists several resources that offer support to war veterans. Visit the link for details.

Theater Diversity Gap in Boston

Joel Brown of The Globe writes that “women and people of color are underrepresented as playwrights and directors in Boston theater in comparison to their numbers in the general population.” To address this, he writes: “The theater-community service organization StageSource has scheduled a town hall meeting for April 26 to talk about defining gender parity and finding ways to move forward.”

For detailed stats and more information, head over to The Boston Globe.

Annual Woman Playwright Series with Fata Morgana

“The 22nd annual Women Playwrights Series at the Centenary Stage Company will launch on April 16 at with Fata Morgana, by Mary Humphrey Baldridge, presented at 7:30 PM in the Lackland Center. When feisty 60-something New Yorker Gwen foils an armed robbery at a neighborhood deli, her chance encounter with celebrity unearths an old mystery in her life and that of her grown daughter. Fata Morgana is a play about mothers and daughters, lost husbands and fathers, and the line where reality and unreality meet, with surprising revelations.” Images courtesy: Twin Cities Daily Planet and WomenArts

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