Meetup #18: Caryl Churchill’s “Top Girls”


Caryl Churchill’s gift for rapid-fire exchanges, overlapping dialogue and fearless thrust of her subject matter are as breath-taking now as they when “Top Girls” was presented in the 80’s as a scathing attaching on the individualist nature of Margaret Thatcher’s England. Sadly, not much has changed since then, and not only the 1% should ask: at what price success?

Our fourth meetup of the year to see the highly-acclaimed production was great fun! Here are what some of the critics are saying about “Top Girls”:

Charles Kruger of TheatreStorm calls it “a complex, weighty and challenging play. It is just the sort of politically charged, intellectually bracing work that is the calling card of Custommade Theatre Company. Audiences who seek out work with substantial intellectual and political content will be pleased and excited.”

Richard Connema of For All Events writes: “Churchill’s writing is slanted, clever and very brave even for audiences of (the) twenty first century. The large female cast under the astute direction of Laura Lundy-Paine gives excellent performances.”

Have you seen the play? Do share your thoughts with us!

Starring: Monica Cappuccini, Cary Cronholm Rose, Cat Luedtke, Megan Putnam, Katie Robbins, Carina Lastimosa Salazar and Mimu Tsujimara

Stage Manager – Jane Troja, Scenic Design – Kevin Dunning*, Costume Design – Scarlett Kellum, Lighting Design – Colin Johnson, Scenic Artist – Nicola MacCarthy, Sound Design – Liz Ryder*

6 responses to “Meetup #18: Caryl Churchill’s “Top Girls”

  1. Wow. How anyone could dismiss Caryl Churchill a la the comments made at DC’s Summit last month is beyond me. The walloping language of the final scene of this play – the questions this play asks specifically about Thatcher’s ascendancy in England and more generally about what feminism is supposed to look like are so very relevant as we are all getting asked to lean in and to contemplate Hillary in 2016. But beyond that soapbox, some highlights of this production for me were Katie Robbins’ Dull Gret stabbing at potatoes on her plate while Mimu Tsujimura’s Nijo drank too much wine, and Cat Luedtke’s Isabella just kept talking about her travels around the world. Director Laura Lundy-Paine has led her cast to strong performances of this very compelling material.

  2. The play is as relevant as ever. Great cast, and some really searing, theatrical moments. Not to mention funny! The last scene, in particular, was very moving. Well done Custom Made and thank you, Caryl Churchill.

  3. I found the first act a bit awkward in staging (I couldn’t take my eyes off the terrific Cat Luedtke, however) and the second act had me on the edge of my seat. Still relevant? Oh, yes.

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