Week of 1/13: Noteworthy News & Shows to See


Theater program teaches young women to think critically

The Cindy Bandle Young Critics program that was born seven years ago as part of a panel discussion sponsored by the Association for Women Journalists is today a “resounding success, attracting bright, articulate high school juniors like 16-year-old Ariel Majewski, who says participating in the program has improved her critical thinking.”

The program is equipping this aspiring journalist and her classmates with important skill sets; twice a month, the group gets to “participate in writing workshops, interview theater professionals, write features and review Goodman plays. They receive one-on-one coaching from adult mentors, including working critics, reporters, editors and journalism instructors.”

Majority of theater-going audience, minority of playwrights/directors

Have you ever thought why women, who make up the bigger chunk of the theater-going audience, are always in the minority on the other side of the stage? Here’s a thoughtful, in-depth study about this disturbing trend and how it is being tackled head-on by women change-makers who refuse to accept this disparity.

“One Play at a Time” – Historic Women Playwrights’ Initiative

Calling all academicians! This exciting initiative is challenging professors to dedicate one class period per semester on an historic play by a female playwright. If you are interested in participating, they will send you:

  • A lesson plan guide for a 50-minute class,
  • Suggestions for enrichment of the basic lesson plan
  • An Introduction by the renowned Judith Barlow, editor of two anthologies of women’s plays — Plays by American Women, 1900s – 1930s and Plays by American Women, 1930s – 1960s, and
  • List of suggested plays you might wish to teach.

Write to historymattersbacktothefuture@gmail.com if you would like to join and for more details. Short video below:

Upcoming Meetup: Marisela Treviño Orta’s The River Bride

Developed within AlterTheater’s inaugural playwright residency program, Marisela Treviño Orta’s The River Bride is co-winner of the National Latino Playwriting Award.

Inspired by Brazilian folklore about river dolphins that come ashore for three days to seduce women, the play features two sisters in a traditional fishing village along the Amazon River as they find their own meaning of “happily ever after.” THE RIVER BRIDE is the first in a three-play cycle based on Latino mythology and folklore. WWSF is proud to host the year’s first meetup this Thursday to see this magnificent play. In case you haven’t purchased tickets yet, here’s the link.

Image courtesy: Alter Theater Ensemble on Facebook


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