Counting Actors: December 2013

Nine shows to report on in this edition of Counting Actors.  For information about the project, to read past posts, and/or to learn how to make your own submission, please click here.  Counting Actors started in June 2011, and to date has counted 352 shows.

December’s shows:

  • MTC/Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol (F actors played mostly male characters; non-union f actor counted below replaced union f actor who left production due to injury)
  • Aurora/Bright New Boise
  • Shotgun Players/Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness (1 male actor played both male and female characters)
  • San Jose Rep/The Snow Queen (m director, f music director, 2m, 1 f team for book/music/lyrics – 1m,1f book, all 3 lyrics, 2m music.  And, 1 of these two men is also director of show)
  • Off-Broadway West/The Weir
  • Golden Thread/Urge for Going
  • Indra’s Net/QED
  • Custom Made/Peter/Wendy (director and writer/adapter are same person)
  • SF Playhouse/Storefront Church (male union understudy not included in count)

The Stats:

  • 7 male directors, 3 female directors
  • 9 male writers, 2 female writers
  • 50 total actors,  28 male, 22 female
  • 29 union actors, 21 non-union actors
  • 20 union men, 9 union women
  • 45 local actors, 5 non-local actors

This month’s contributors include audience members, cast members and directors of shows.  Thank you to Lizzie Calogero, Elissa Beth Stebbins, Kendra Oberhauser and Evren Odcikin for sharing stats with the project.  If you’re working on a show or see a show with performances in January, please share show stats with the project!  Details on how to do that are here.

Please share these stats and use them to start conversations with the actors, directors, writers, artistic staff and other theater participants that you spend time with.  We’re heading into the season of season planning, so now more than ever is time to talk about these numbers.

Stats for January 2014 will be posted between Feb 1st and Feb 5th.


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