Noteworthy News and Shows to See


Carol Lashof’s Shoutout to Strangers, Babies

Playwright, librettist, educator and one of WWSF’s staunchest supporters, Carol S Lashof, writes in with a huge shoutout to Shotgun Players Strangers, Babies by Scottish playwright Linda McLean, running at Ashby Stage through 11/17. Now running through 11/24! (Thanks, Carol!)

“It’s a stunning show in every way: the acting, the direction, the set design–and always most important to me–the writing.  Linda McLean is a contemporary Scottish playwright whose work is only beginning to be known in the Bay Area.  I want to see more of her plays–her writing is intense, suspenseful, and understated–she trusts her audience not to need hitting over the head.

Danielle Levin’s performance as a woman driven by the desire to make herself ‘all right’ in spite of a past that has been very wrong is breathtaking, worth the price of admission by itself. Danielle as May completely carries it.”

You know what to see this weekend! For more reviews of the play, click here.

Women Playwrights Surge in London

From Bloomberg:”The recent surge in the number of plays by women in London is good news for the theater.” They profile 10 women playwrights, upcoming and well-known and their body of work that gives women in theater much hope. From the ever-inspiring Caryl Churchill to newcomers to the playwriting arena in London, these short profiles showcase the ten playwrights’ versatility as well as their staying power. A must read!

Swedish Cinema to Introduce ‘Bechdel Rating’

Movie halls in Sweden are setting a new trend – that of incorporating the Bechdel Test that “gauges the active presence of women on screen in bid to promote gender equality”. Every movie must satisfy the conditions set forth by Allison Bechdel in 1985 in her comic, Dykes to Watch Out For. That means, ” (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man.”

There is a faction that believes the Bechdel Test might not be the best indicator of gender equity, their contrarian stance being that two women talking about something besides a man isn’t necessarily the best rubric of a film’s gender parity. The offshoot of the Bechdel, the Mako Mori Test, is passed “if the movie has: a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.”

Regardless, WWSF stands behind Sweden all the way and also thanks Radhika Rao for the helpful lead!

More reading about Sweden’s Bechdel Rating:

On Her Shoulders Reading Series

On Her Shoulders, in association with the New School for Drama, presents another staged reading in their series of “forgotten plays” by outstanding American female playwrights.  Daphne DuMaurier’s The Years Between will be presented in NYC on 11/18. Entry is free and the reading is open to the public. Spread the word to your East Coast friends.

Post image courtesy Shotgun Players

3 responses to “Noteworthy News and Shows to See

  1. See strangers, babies on fri or sat. On Sun, come with Works by Women SF to the Symmetry Theater Meetup!

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