Counting Actors: Shows 201-300 BAPP only

For a post that looks at this same data from shows 101-200, click here.  For shows 1-100, click here.  That post also includes a definition of the BAPP.

To read every single post in this series, about all 300 shows, click here.

Yesterday’s post looked at non-union shows, and the next two posts will look at shows without health weeks, and shows with health weeks, respectively.

There were 6 shows (6%) that used the BAPP.

These 6 shows had:

  • 2 male directors, 4 female directors (33%, 67%)
  • 1 male writer, 5 female writers (17%, 83%)

There were 35 actors in these shows.

  • 19 male actors, 16 female actors (54% , 46%)
  • 16 union actors, 19 non-union actors (46%, 54%)
  • Of the union actors, 10 were men, and 6 were women. (63%, 37%)

All 35 were local actors

The BAPP companies/shows were:

  • 3 Girls Theatre/3 shorts – the Things We Do for Love & The Couch
  • Playground & Katie May, Liz Anderson/Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  • Symmetry/ Language Archive
  • Tides/Little Foxes
  • Off Broadway West/Betrayal

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