Counting Actors: Shows 201-300, non-union only

This post, and the next 3 posts, will look at the show data sorted by the type of union contract or code that they use.  Today is non-union shows, tomorrow will be shows that use the BAPP, then Friday will have shows on Equity contracts without health weeks, and Saturday will have shows on Equity contracts with health weeks.

If all of this is new and confusing for you, then take a look at the posts from the first hundred on non-union, BAPP, contracts without weeks, and contracts with weeks.  All of those include explanations of what those categories mean.

And if you’d like to compare this post to the non-union shows from the 101-200 grouping, take a look here.

As always, to read every post in this series ever, use this link.

So, there were 28 shows (or 28%) in this group that used no union actors.

Those 28 shows had:

  • 11 male directors, 18 female directors (38%, 62%)
  • 27 male writers, 21 female writers (56%, 44%)

210 actors worked on those shows.  All were non-union.

  • 104 male actors, 106 female actors (49.5%, 50.5%)
  • 3 actors were non-local. (1%)

The companies/shows that were in this group are:

  • 3 Girls Theatre/3 Girls Squared
  • Altarena Playhouse/God of Carnage
  • BACT/Cat in the Hat
  • CentralWorks/Medea Hypothesis
  • Custom Made/Why Torture is Wrong and People Who Love Them & Eurydice
  • Cutting Ball/Krispy Kritters in the Scarlet Night & The Chairs
  • DIVAFest/You’re Going to Bleed
  • Douglas Morisson Theater/Eurydice
  • Dragon Productions/Becky’s New Car
  • Impact/Toil and Trouble & Jukebox Stories & As You Like It
  • Inferno Theater/Dracula
  • Just Theater/A Maze
  • Killing My Lobster/KML does not fear the end
  • NCTC/Birds of a Feather
  • Ragged Wing/Time Sensitive
  • Role Players Ensemble/Expecting Isabel
  • Theatre of Yugen/A Minor Cycle & Sorya 2013
  • African American Shakespeare/Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Bigger than a Breadbox/Tis Pity She’s a Whore
  • Butterfield 8/Salome
  • Shady Shakespeare/Twelfth Night & Romeo and Juliet
  • Ross Valley Players/Pack of Lies

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