Counting Actors: General Stats for shows 201-300

To compare this data to shows 1-100, go here.  To compare this data to shows 101-200, go here.

To back track through ALL of the show data examined in groups of 100, go here.

Shows 201-300 (aka the 3rd hundred) had:

  • 67 male directors, 46 female directors (co-directing situations as well as including music directors for musicals in this group means that the total is greater than 100 directors for 100 shows)
  • 94 male writers, 44 female writers (some shows were co-written, other shows were groups of one-acts by different writers.  All writing team collaborators on a musical – book, lyrics, composer – are included in the writers group.)
  • This means 59% male directors, 41% female directors.  It’s 68% male writers and 32% female writers.
  • 822 actors worked on these 100 shows, for an average cast size of 8.2.  The largest cast show was ACT’s Christmas Carol, with a cast of 46 actors. No solo shows in this group, but many 2 person casts.  These actors included 461 men, 361 women (56%, 44%), 294 union members and 528 non-union members (36%, 64%), and 739 locals and 83 non-local actors (90%, 10%).
  • Of the 294 union members, 180 were men and 114 were women (61%, 39%).  Non-local actors taken as a portion of the union talent means that 72% of the equity jobs went to local talent, 28% to folks from out of town.

In the next week or so, I’ll slice this data a few different ways, following the groupings I set with the previous hundreds – I’ll split things out by time period, and also by type of union contract.  Again, you can read all of the past posts in this series by going here.

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