Meetup #10 – In Friendship


For our tenth meetup, Works by Women San Francisco celebrated Zona Gale’s timeless In Friendship at the Word for Word Performing Arts Company, who are coincidentally celebrating their 20th anniversary. This ‘comedy of American manners’ features all of the members of the Charter Group performing together for the first time.

Zona Gale’s stories set in a small American town at the beginning of the 20th century portray the camaraderie and community of women. This production offers us a rare look at the writing of the first woman to win the Pulitzer for Drama, and all actors are members of Actors’ Equity.

Image-4676941-192347689-2-WebSmall_0_99a1ee4d626cd321b5f9b9d9635bb86f_1From ZSpace: “In the small town of Friendship, where social custom and obligation rule the day, the members of the Married Ladies Cemetery Improvement Sodality are as suspicious of the shifting of social order as they are of the coming of electricity, and telephones, and the town’s new surgeon. Newly arrived in Friendship, a writer from the city seeking the isolation and refuge of small town life finds herself instead thrust into the center of Friendship’s social intrigue. The stories explore both a year in the town of Friendship Village and the idea of friendship itself.”

Directed by Delia MacDougall* and Joel Mullennix*

Starring the Word for Word Charter Group: Sheila Balter*, JeriLynn Cohen*, Susan Harloe*, Stephanie Hunt*, Amy Kossow*, Delia MacDougall*, Nancy Shelby*, Patricia Silver*, and JoAnne Winter*, along with Paul Finocchiaro and Joel Mullennix*

If you were part of the Meetup, or have seen the production and/or plan to see it shortly, leave us a comment with your feedback. And join us in celebrating the talent of all the women artists.

2 responses to “Meetup #10 – In Friendship

  1. I have seen many sparkling W4W shows before, but In Friendship was the piece de resistance! (you’ll get that joke if you see the show). One of the greatest pleasures of the show is that it features the talents of the entire core company (apparently for the first time ever) – not only is each performer a master of her (or his) craft, you can feel the depth and nuance that 20 years of collaboration brings to the work. The sequence of 4 interconnected stories was also exquisitely directed by Delia McDougal, which terrific pacing, great contrast between sweet and savory moments, and inventive staging. You must see this show!

  2. Thrilled to see an ensemble with such depth of experience sharing the stage and bringing us this unique world of small town early 20th century women. A particularly effective bit of staging was the moment when a ladder stands in for an entire fire engine.

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