Before & After – Ninth Meetup


Works by Women San Francisco hosted its ninth Meetup event today – Erin Bregman’s Before & After at the annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival, produced by Playwrights Foundation.

An experiment in form, the play follows the journey of a single soul who grapples with a metaphysical dilemma: shift forward to a new phase of life and forget what was before or, remember, and remain in the ever-after. Without memory, what remains of your life after you’ve lived?

In addition to Erin, women working on the project includes: Susannah Martin (Director), Margot Manburg (Dramaturg), Sarah Roland (Designer), Sofia Ahmad (AEA Actor), Sheila Balter (AEA Actor), Lizzie Calogero (AEA Actor), Carla Pantoja (AEA Actor), and Valerie Weak (AEA Actor).

If you were part of the Meetup, or saw Before & After on your own, WWSF would love your feedback. What about the play was particularly meaningful or interesting to you? What was the highlight? Post your comment below and celebrate the artistry of these fabulous women.

2 responses to “Before & After – Ninth Meetup

  1. Words like lace curtains — oh so delicately connected. Let’s hear it for Poets! Well done, Erin.

  2. This play leveled me! The unconventional structure accumulated emotional weight in such a subtle way, I didn’t see the catharsis coming. A beautiful, surprising, and soulful piece.

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