Counting Actors: April 2013

Before you read this month’s list – a few places to get even more Counting Actors.

1) The May/June issue of Theatre Bay Area magazine – yours truly has an article on p.20, with cumulative data for over 230 shows, as well as reactions from members of the local theater community to put the whole thing in context.  No online link yet, but I’ll share when I’ve got it.
2) DIVAFest – on May 25 from 3-6, DIVAFest hosts a two part symposium event where I’ll be talking about findings and patterns in the Counting Actors project along side other artists who are looking at ways to address gender parity.  I would love to see you there!

April’s Counting Actors features 15 shows and brings the total count to 262.  This project began in June 2011, and all past posts relating to the topic – the monthly totals, the posts w/aggregated information – as well as info on how to contribute info on a show you’ve seen or been part of can be found at the Counting Actors Page.

15 shows counted:

  • Shotgun/Shipwreck (actors for this piece incl. 2 boys alternating a role – both are included in the count)
  • TheatreWorks/Being Earnest (2 m writers included in the count – one book/lyrics, one libretto/lyrics. m director and m music director incl. in director count)
  • Theatre of Yugen/Sorya 2013 (show is several Japanese Kyogen pieces, which are traditionally performed by an all-male ensemble.  This company is all female, so women play both male and female characters)
  • Ragged Wing/Time Sensitive (writer and director for this project are same person. F actor plays M role of ‘Clockmaker’)
  • Intersection for the Arts & Campo Santo/The River (M musician not included in this count. F stage manager also came onstage and spoke about 5 lines)
  • Custom Made/Eurydice
  • ACT/Stuck Elevator (m director, f music director, m composer, m librettist, also 2m 1 f understudy who are not included in count)
  • Berkeley Rep/Pericles (8 actors play multiple roles in this piece, incl. women playing male characters incl. Gower)
  • Symmetry Theater/Language Rooms
  • Center REP/39 Steps (2 m actors on this piece play many roles incl. both male and female characters)
  • Aurora/Arsonists (1 f in ‘firefighter chorus’ a traditionally all male group)
  • San Jose Stage/Persuasion
  • Magic/The Happy Ones
  • MTC/The Whipping Man
  • Crowded Fire/The Bereaved

The Stats

  • 11 male directors, 6 female directors
  • 12 male writers, 5 female writers
  • 112 total actors
  • 68 male actors, 45 female actors
  • 57 total union actors, 55 total non-union actors
  • 36 union male actors, 21 union female actors
  • 99 total local actors, 13 total non-local actors

Thank you to everyone who contributed statistics for this month’s count.  If you are in a show or see a show with performances in May that hasn’t been counted yet, please go to the Counting Actors page for directions on how to submit the info.  Contributors for this month include audience members, cast members, writers.  Thank you to Phoebe Moyer, Pidge Meade, Sheila Devitt, Annie Paladino, Amy Clare Tasker, Lily Tung Crystal, Tiiu Eva Rebane, Martha Richards, Anne Hallinan and Jenn LeBlanc.

Thank you for sharing and talking and posting about what you’re reading here – please talk in the green room, dressing room, audition room and post-show bar, and share, tweet, update, comment, like, + on any social media of your choice. #femtheatre is a great twitter hashtag to use/search as well.

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